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Absent again!

Sorry guys! I’m sorry that I have to miss once again.  After this, I shouldn’t be gone again for another meeting until January! I’m downtown again and will have access to my email throughout the day.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Game plan for today:

  • Read for 20 minutes silently.  The substitue will monitor the time for you.  Please stay in your seats today so it is easier. YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN BOOKS TODAY. IF YOU DON’T-BORROW ONE OF MINE BUT BE SURE IT IS RETURNED NEATLY TO THE CORRECT LOCATION!
  • I’d like for you to do AT LEAST 2 Acuity practices today. (Study) Remember, we are taking the 2nd round of Acuity on Friday, so this is the last chance to practice before the next round.  Keep in mind the goals you set last time.  We will review them tomorrow when I get back.
  • You should receive a figures of speech paper today.  PLEASE take time to review them and read over this.  If you are unsure about what one really is–GOOGLE IT! (“hyperbole examples”)  Then, try to complete the handout with the examples.  Fill in the blanks.  TRY by YOURSELF first–then at the end of the period you may compare answers with a partner.  You MUST have your answer sheet filled out BEFORE comparing answers with a partner!
  • On the Yes, Ma’m packet from yesterday, complete the last page.  (Apply the skills and support for writing)

This should keep you busy today.  If you somehow finish early–you may free read or work on something else the remainder of the period.


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One thought on “Absent again!

  1. Taylor Christie on said:

    Hello Mrs. Yates, The class is going good i just have a quick question for you. On the last page of the packet there is questions about the story on the left and a place write and essay on the right. Do you want us to write an essay? or just answer the questions on the left.

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