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Final Time!

Well, today is the last day for me to miss.  I’m currently downtown creating online/digital resources that other teachers can utilize next year in their instruction!

So, here is the plan:

  • Hopefully-by now-all of you have acquired a netbook.  If we are short–go borrow some from a teacher in this hallway.
  • Read this blog in its entirety before moving on.
  • Go to the blog post “A Time to Reflect.”  It should be right below this post.
  • You will notice that I have written you a letter.  READ IT! (SILENTLY!)
  • Then, under the note is a survey.  It is NOT optional.  You can click on the link or answer the questions in the embedded form. It is up to you.  Please take your time and really be honest and specific in your answers.  All the answers will help me tweak the plans/delivery to the next crew that will enter our doors.
  • Finally, I would like you to write a letter to the next group of 8th graders that will enter.  I will give them your letters on the first day of school next year.  The letters should be full of advice, expectations, and helpful hints.  (They should NOT critique teachers, make fun of teachers, or be negative.) What do you wish someone had told you prior to this year? What tips could you pass along that might help someone be more successful in a class? (i.e. Mrs. Yates LOVES technology, Mr. Hauschild  LOVES Reese cups, Mrs. Yates is really good at catching gum violations and has excellent hearing.) Those tips are allowed–as long as they are written in a positive form that wouldn’t hurt a teacher’s feelings or make them mad.
    • You letter should be legible.
    • At least one FULL page.
    • You can put a big chunk about my class-since those will be the students reading it-but feel free to give tips on all your classes, NJHS as a whole, extra curricular, PRIDE, time managent, staying out of drama etc.
    • Let your personality shine through.
    • Be sure to sign the bottom–it is a letter after all.
  • You need to be sure you have also completed all of the blogs for this grading period.  You should have one per week. In a previous blog (look down 2), I have written out the topics we covered for each week of the grading period.  Please be sure these are completed since I will be grading them on Thursday.
  • While you are working today, you can plug in your headphones and tune the rest of the class out.  Check out this website, Songza.  You will be able to listen to streaming music-much like Pandora. (& it isn’t blocked–yet!)


  • I have left a list of names for students that still need to finish the summative assessment from last week.  Before you complete the items above–that has to be finished FIRST.   
  • Also, many of you haven’t finished your PARCC assessment.  You will have time tomorrow to finish that test.  Please come ready to write as soon as the bell rings.  I can give you no more time after tomorrow.
Enjoy! Behave! See you TOMORROW!

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