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Calling all readers

Today we embarked on a mission to become better readers.

We started with 20 minutes of silent reading.  Students were asked to bring their current free reading book to class and then the room went quiet and we all, yes–me included–read for 20 minutes.  We must instill a love of reading with our students and the best way to do that is to let them READ.

After our reading time ended, we discussed why students aren’t reading and why they don’t seem to enjoy reading like they once did.  Some students had some very interesting comments to add to the discussion. I then modeled for them what a good reader does when they read.  They interact with the text.  I showed them how I mark up a text and what I was thinking as I read a passage. To Text or To Talk

Students were then given a passage with a similar concept and asked to do what I did.  Interact with the text and mark up their reading with their thinking. The Trouble With TextingWhen they finished marking their texts, we practiced making connections using that text.  Text to self, text to text, and text to world–all citing evidence from the text to justify our answers. making connections graphic organizer No longer will we read just to read.  We will interact with the text!  Ask questions! Mark interesting sentences and ideas!

I also taught students how to create an “app” of this blog on their iDevice.  No excuse not to read the blog if it just a click away! 🙂 (Here is a similar tutorial)

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