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Blog Updates

Some of you have panicked because you realized that you aren’t caught up on your blogs for this grading period.  Listed below are the topics we covered and the week they pertain to.  Please use the previous blog posts as a resource to jog your memory and be sure that you are completely caught up! Remember–blog posts should be no less than seven sentences, have great grammar, word choice, etc–and show us your voice!

Mar 11 – Irony, Lamb to the Slaughter, The Lottery, The Luncheon, Jabberwocky, Context Clues

Mar 18 – Idioms, Figurative Language

Apr 1 – Main Idea, Summarizing

Apr 8 – Theme, Central Idea, The Most Dangerous Game, People Magazine’s Heroes Among Us articles

Apr 15 – Author’s Purpose, Author’s Point of View

Apr 22 – Paraphrase, Punctuation, ISTEP review

Apr 29 – ISTEP–oh, wait–just kidding, Game Show questions, Summative Assessment

May 6 – ISTEP, Flowers for Algernon  movie, PARCC


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5 thoughts on “Blog Updates

  1. Matalyn Toone on said:

    Could you post the link to the kids log website please. After all, we don’t have our netbooks. Thank you!(: Hope you had a great weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Rachael on said:

    If we already have more than eight blog posts, do we need to do more, or do we need to have a blog over ever stated topic?

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