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Back to School…Hallway expectations

First Day of School (cute video)

Back to school….Back to school!

Today we returned to the hallways of NJHS to resume another great year.  With new policies, procedures, and PBIS in place–things looked a little different.  Each content area took time today to teach, model, and practice the expectations for each area in our building.  That way, our students all know the right way and the wrong way to accomplish each task.

The ELA team taught hallway expectations today.  With the help of my other ELA teammates: Mrs. Kassenbrock and Mrs. Jones, we were able to take all our students into the hallway and model exactly what it should look like in the hallways.  (i.e. walk on the right side, hands to yourself, help someone who falls, don’t play around, get to class on time)

Another great day–even though we were on a very shorten scheduled.

Tomorrow we should be passing out handouts and parent information!


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