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Acuity Time

It is time for this month’s Scholastic book order.  If you’d like to purchase some books, you may look on this website, or I will be sending home a small leaflet tomorrow with some highlights.  If you order online–parents get a $5 off coupon for their next purchase and our class gets a $3 off coupon for books for our room.  Plus, we earn bonus points that can be spent to keep our classroom library growing.  Thank you to all the parents who ordered last time! We even had a parent buy books through Scholastic and donate them to our library!! There is a “wish list” on the website that you can donate books as well.  The theme for October will be The Strange & Mysterious.  Might be a good time to find a book with this theme for silent reading time.

ONLINE CODE: L7L3T (Must have this for our class to get the credit.)

Students took their first Acuity today.  These scores will help us level the students in our classes and be able to offer some interventions within our classrooms, as well.  We will also be looking carefully at the growth of each student from test to test.

While Acuity was finishing, students took turns adding lines to others’ couplets.  They were able to brainstorm from the given “starter” couplets.  We are hoping to turn some into a “couplet rap” by the end of the week.


Finally, we began our culminating activity for our search terms and skills.  Students are planning a vacation of their dreams and citing various steps along the way. (using search-vacation) This is not homework tonight.  Students started on it today and will build on it throughout the week.

Reminder: Students will take their Summative Assessment (Post-test) for this unit on Friday.  This will replace the RI score in the grade book.   (That was the pretest/Formative Assessment.) The assessment will check their media and text structure knowledge.

Secret Mission: Find a pencil today and add it to our in-class supply! Our pencil supply is dwindling.  People are borrowing and then not returning them.  

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