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Turn in Day!

  • rudolphTurn in narrative essay
  • Read 20 minutes
  • Take Speak up Survey-click here (password is SU4Indiana)
  • Share out Narratives
  • Review figurative language (be sure you can create one of each if  needed)
    • simile
    • metaphor
    • hyperbole
    • personification
    • alliteration
    • onomatopeia
    • cliches
    • idiom

Dec 18th

Since most of you didn’t get finished yesterday–today we will continue with yesterday’s assignment.

Read for 20 minutes first.  Yes, you must read–no netbooks, talking, or moving! (Stay in your seats–easier for our substitute)

Then, follow directions from yesterday’s blog to complete the peer editing.  If you get your paper back–really look at how to improve your writing for the final copy.  It is DUE TOMORROW! Please come ready with your final paper.  If you don’t have it tomorrow–you will be added to the Friday School list!! (Be sure you have a title and use 12pt sized font)

Since I will be with my son, I will not be checking my email very often.  Please BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR and make GOOD decisions.  You know the expectations and rules!

Any name left with receive after school detention!!

If you somehow manage to finish everything–you may read your free reading book the remainder of the period! I have a feeling–if done correctly -there is no way that you will finish with much time remaining! 🙂

Monday, Monday

  • Read our books-(today is library day!)
  • Mrs. Yates will be meeting with students in order (from board) to conference about their personal narratives.
  • During conferences:
    • Volume level = .5 (No LOUDER!)
    • Ask 3 before me!
    • Don’t interrupt unless you are bleeding, puking, or dying!
    • Pay attention when your turn is close and be ready with your materials!
    • No line jumping!
  • While I’m conferencing–here are your plans:
    • Take your typed rough draft and copy the entire text
    • Create a Wordle or Tagxedo with your text
    • What words are repeated over and over? (Remember–they are the biggest words!) Do you need to fix something right from the start? Word choice is critical in writing! Make sure your word choice is strong! Weak, small words are NOT okay! Be strong!
    • Once you have tweaked your essay–we are ready to peer edit!
    • Look at this example peer edit paper.  They show you some typical responses written for peer editing.  You DON’T have to fill in the blocks–but mentally go over each one and thing about the directions.
    • sample_PR_comments
    • Then, look at this one.  It shows you some responses.  It shows ones that are too vague, mean, etc.
    • range_PR_comments
    • Now it is your turn.  You  must share your essay with at least 2 different people and have them proofread your essay.  (You can share it via Google Docs or simply by email.  You can choose)
    • While you are editing, you must fill out this paper. (Open it using Open Office) Then send your completed form back to the person whose paper you edited.  Please cc: me on the email when you share it so I can see your work today as well.
    • When you get your paper back–begin to make the changes that people suggested.  NO ONE has a perfect paper! There is always something else to fix.  Add imagery! Add more details! Stronger word choice!
    • Explode the moment! AWESOME stuff here! This is what I’d LOVE to see from you!
      • Watch Barry Lane’s video here to see what I’m talking about! Ignore what he looks like–but listen to what he is saying! (This is a YouTube link–so it might not work! I will add it again another way as well.) [I shared it with you in Google Docs--try that way too!] If we can’t get it to work here–try at home!

FINAL COPY is DUE on WEDNESDAY! I’d like them printed out–but if not–you must email it to me.  I want all copies by 8 am on Wednesday morning if emailed! PLAN AHEAD!

Finally, FRIDAY!

  • fridayToday we will read for 20 minutes
  • A little figurative language practice–
    • Click HERE
    • Then click HERE (You will need a scrap piece of paper for this one.  Just write your answers on the scrap and then check them upon completion with the answer key provided at the END.)
  • Continue to develop your body paragraphs for your personal narrative
  • Begin to work on your conclusion
  • ALL 5 PARAGRAPHS (in rough draft form) MUST BE FINISHED BY MONDAY and TYPED!  Be sure to save it somewhere other than just your computer’s hard drive in case it dies.  (Google Drive [You can still type it in Open Office and then just upload it to there.], Thumb/Flash drive, Dropbox, etc)

Almost Friday!

Here is today’s plan:

  • Read
  • During the rest of the period I will be testing you for your reading levels while you are working on the following. SILENTLY! (Yes, you may use headphones! No, you may not talk because it is distracting to those who are being tested!)
  • Work on Allusions (email me when completed)
      • Save them to your desktop.
      • Open the document
      • Highlight the entire page (text) (with your mouse)
      • Right click or CTRL C to copy it
      • Open up your email
      • Create a new message
      • Right click or CTRL V to paste text there
      • Answer the questions
      • Then hit send to send completed paper to me!
      • I tried this on my netbook and it worked great!! It will work!!
    • Allusions examples, practice
    • Practice for allusionsPDF
  • Begin to develop your body paragraphs for your personal narrative
    • Chronological order-ONLY
    • Show DON’T tell!!
    • Use imagery with your senses to paint a picture for your reader
    • Keep focused! (Don’t become random!)
    • Should have 3 body paragraphs (5 sentences minimum each)
    • If you get stuck–just start writing.  You can always change it later!
    • If you finish-go back and try to make it better.
      • Consider word choice, show vs tell, stronger sentences, combining sentences, adding more detail
      • Did you include some dialogue? NO? Add it now!
    • Resources for writing strong body paragraphs:

Wacky Wednesday

Here is the plan for the day:

Screenshot 12:11:12 10:45 AM

  • Show v Tell-go over yesterday’s writing to see if we were telling or showing!
  • Did you check out this tutorial yet?
  • Finally, today we need to begin writing our opening paragraph.  This is the attention getter-so you MUST really hook your reader and drag them in!
    • This PowerPoint is GREAT! It shows you how to develop your first paragraph-step by step.  PLEASE follow this example! (Remembering to SHOW us NOT  TELL us! AND to use lots of descriptive language to paint us the picture! (Your SENSES!)
    • This is another great PPT that will help you in your writing! Read FIRST before writing!
    • Here is ONE MORE piece that might help you get your thoughts organized!

WRAP UP: For tomorrow–You must have your INTRO PARAGRAPH completed.  Don’t tell us ANYTHING! SHOW US EVERYTHING!

Terrific Tuesday

treeToday it was easier for me to put your resources on here as well! Please do NOT work ahead! At times this week while you are working-I’m going to be pulling you out one at a time to assess your reading levels.  Please be respectful of your classmate during this time.

  • Read
  • Look at Acuity Growth Scores.
    • Set goals for Acuity C
  • Show v Tell
  • Decide which of the 3-5 brainstorms you’d like to develop
  • Make 5 senses foldable.  (see my example) Fill in each with details from the event.
  • Create timeline of event.  Fill in AS MANY DETAILS as you can.  You don’t have to use them all–but better to have too many than not enough!
    Online timelines: (or you can kill some trees and do it on paper!)

  • Finally, go to THIS WEBSITE for a walk through of narrative writing.  Remember, we are using the personal narrative setup. There are LOTS of great tutorials and explanation!

Monday, Monday!

Here are some links and information that you will need for today!


You will need a brainstorm of ideas at the BEGINNING of class tomorrow!

Child sick today!!

Good morning!
As I was getting ready to leave this morning-I woke up my oldest-only to find he had a nice little fever! So-it was my turn to stay home with the sick guy! I put in for a sub at the last minute-so I have no idea who you will get. PLEASE BE EXTRA GOOD TODAY!!!

You will continue with the plan to take PARCC today. You will have all the time you need today. Please take your time and remember all that we have talked about as you write today. If you need more space-you can add a sheet of paper. Be thorough and detailed. Stay organized as well.

When you finish-you may then do your free reading. If you borrow my books-PUT THEM BACK CORRECTLY! There is no reason to have your net books out today. Keep them put away so you can stay out of trouble.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be good and focused today! See you Monday!

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