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And the story begins to unfold

Today we started reading our novels. WOW! You could’ve heard a pin drop as the students barely moved in their chairs. As an ELA teacher-this made my heart sing!  They were engaged in their books.  Interested! They had time to discuss with their novel groups after the independent time was over.  I am already impressed at the questions they are asking each other and the critical thinking that is happening! I am so excited to see where this project will take us and even more excited to see what kind of experience this will add to their education this year.

Here is the “reading plan” for each book.  Book Breakdown  We will try VERY hard to stay on track each day.  Students may check out a book to take home for the night starting on Monday.  However, they MUST be returned BEFORE school each day since I only have a few of each book to use with all classes.

We also listened to pages 382-387 of The Diary of Anne Frank. (If you are absent, you will need to come in before school or during lunch to read the pages you missed.)

Students asked me to post the links to the videos we watched yesterday in class about Meip Geis and the story behind Anne’s diary.

The rest can be found on if you search for “Dear Kitty.”

PS–Our Kidsblog blog is almost to 4 THOUSAND hits! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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