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A mouse, an alligator, oh my!

Today was one of those days where light bulbs were going off all around for my students!! GREAT learning day!

We started off learning more about prepositions! Although we talked about the official definition–most prepositions can be summed up as “anywhere a mouse can go!”

We also tried finding a few on workbook pages 39 & 40.

After our break, we started with ActiveInspire to create a Venn diagram for our Literary Response this week.  The students used their netbooks to come up with some amazing Venn diagrams.  If they didn’t finish during class–they are to complete them as homework tonight.  During Block 1 today, students were trying to figure out how to make text-to-text connections with their prior reading.  So, one asked if they could have a small group discussion to makes sure their table was on the correct path! WOW! Yes, please!! Discuss away!!! Woo Hoo!! I  LOVE when students take charge of their learning! I would’ve done a cartwheel if I wasn’t sure an ambulance would’ve needed to be on standby! 😉 Students were to take a snapshot of their Venn Diagram and send it to me to show what they had accomplished during that time.  I gave them 2 ways to take the screenshot.  THEN–a student found ANOTHER way to do it–so we made him the teacher for a few minutes and he taught the class–and me–something new! (again, self-control and no cartwheel!)

Once we called time on the diagram creations, we finished today with another practice discussion. This time it was on a text called Alligator River. (ALLIGATOR RIVER)


However, today we implemented roles for discussion: R/R person-Reader and Resource, Checker, Volume Police, Task Master, Clock Watcher, and of course, the Leader of the Pack. After we went over the roles and their requirements–we set a timer and the discussions began.  Major improvement over yesterday’s discussions.  We debriefed after time was called and the students are beginning to understand what they still need to work on.

WoW!! Such a great day! SO proud of them!




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