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Back to School


Hello 8th graders and their parents!

This year we are moving into a more digital classroom setting.  Our netbooks will be utilized daily as we work to incorporate many 21st Century Skills into our new Common Core curriculum.  This blog will serve as a communication device for students, parents, and myself.  Each day, we will post what has happened in our classroom and what is around the corner.  I say we, because soon, it won’t be just me.  After a few weeks of training, during each block, one student will blog about the days events and hopefully begin posting a daily picture as well.  We will be able to comment on here and talk about questions you have and eventually reach outside our 47725 community.

I’m looking forward to an exciting year and can’t wait to see each one of you in just a couple of weeks! Check the blog often!

Always remember–you leave your digital footprint wherever you go–so be careful about what is written.  It never goes away!


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