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Infographics cont’d


Today started with another DLR assignment.  We then quickly transitioned to Infographics. What is an infographic? Funny.  I asked my students the same thing.  I gave them two options–first, I could give them 7 pages of definitions for them to read and decipher–OR–I could show them this:

The picture above was created from Wordle .  I took the 7 pages of definitions and pasted them into the Wordle site.  Then, simply pushed the create button.  The site analyzes the words and then creates this picture a.k.a. INFOGRAPHIC.  The words that are used the most are the biggest and then the amount of frequency determines the size thereafter. Quickly, the students were able to pick out key words and come up with the definition of Infographics–without doing any research, reading a textbook, or using much time.   Lightbulbs started going off and then we were off to the races!

We continued discussing infographics from the PowerPoint listed in the previous post. Then I turned them loose.  In Blocks 1 & 2, I gave them some time to go find some infographics on their own.  Then–instead of conversing about them as a class out loud–they had to comment on the blog post and attach their infographics to their comment.  Then, go back and look at others’ pictures as well.  Since they are such visual learners, they instantly got the importance and concept right away.  We will be creating our own type of infographic later this week!!

We then took a moment to review conjunctions one more time. And because the students acted like I was doing them such a HUGE diservice by now showing it yesterday–today we watched:

Finally, we ended with students creating some couplets of their own–to describe themselves.  Some of them were SOOOO good! Some were hilarious!

Some examples:

cheer, and dance is the life of Guadalupe
My favorite food is cheddar potato soupe
Sarcasm is a specialty of mine, 
and I can skate across the ice just fine.
A student and a son of a wonderful mother.
I have two pets, and one big brother.
A runner, a triplet, a sister of 2
Sometimes my house feels like a zoo!
A big sister and great babysitter to three little trolls
I clean and enjoy making dinner and yummy rolls

HOMEWORK REMINDER: Blocks 1 & 2-copy/paste all your blogs/journals into one document.  If you don’t have many–copy what you have.

ALL: Exit ticket on parts of speech on FRIDAY! Never too early to study!

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