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Central Idea

Graphic Organizer – Central Idea Graphic Organizer

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We do together – Teen’s company cleans up

You do alone (choose the one that interests you the most):


The end!

Today we finished The Diary of Anne Frank.  I was sad to see the story come to an end-but am looking forward to the conversations that will still be taking place.

We began our class with our review of classmates blogs.  As of today–each student should have a total of 7 blogs.  As I saw today, many students have a lot of work left to do to catch up. Remember the ratio should be MORE reflection and LESS summary. Look at other students who you  know have written a great blog and try to use theirs as a model for yours.

Students were asked to create a Double Bubble graphic organizer. (Although we ran out of time today to complete it–we will start there tomorrow.)Double Bubble Map

Either in small groups or whole group-we completed the Diary of Anne Frank side of this graphic organizer. Story Elements final Once students were in their small groups, they were to complete as much of the novel side as possible.

Tomorrow we will have more dedicated time for research.

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