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Yes, Ma’am!

Today we began to use our daily blogs as a source for proofreading and editing. ¬†I drew 3 students names at random. (Some classes we had to draw more than 3 since some students blogs were not posted! [Read: didn’t do their homework!]) Since over 5,000-yes, 5,000 PEOPLE have read our blogs, sharing their blog with the other 33 students in the room should not be that big of a deal! ūüėČ

After reading the blog post aloud, we collectively looked at length, grammar, and content. ¬†The students do a great job of¬†critiquing¬†their classmates. I even saw a few lightbulbs even go on today as others were realizing some issues that they too needed to fix. Here again is the Blogging Tips handout that should help the students do the best on their blogs. ¬†Blog Post Tips¬†Remember: always write as though your reader knows nothing!! Don’t assume anything!

NOTE: Students should be in the process of answering 4 of the 7 questions posted regarding Anne Frank. ¬†I have STRONGLY¬†encouraged¬†them to use the Yes, Ma’am approach to ensure they have the correct framework to answer the question. ¬†Some have asked me to post it again.

Yes Ma'am

We also applied the 5-3-1 Strategy to our reading.  Here is a short explanation of the strategy for those that are absent.  531_strategy_ We did this as a class for Diary of Anne Frank and then had students apply the same strategy in their novel groups. The students came up with some great 1 word summaries!

I continue to be amazed at the engagement and hard work the students are putting into this unit.  They are excited to learn and are reading each of their novels so quickly.  Some have even asked to read another novel if they can finish their first one in time. (WOW!!!!!) I will hate to see this unit come to an end in a few weeks.  But, I am looking forward to the next unit and the exciting things that will bring.

Scholastic Magazine has just released the newest arrivals. I will say that THIS month’s selections are the BEST I have seen all year. ¬†There are some really great titles being offered at great prices. ¬†Plus, there is even an entire section on WWII and Holocaust books. ¬†The Diary of Anne Frank as a whole narrative is even in there. ¬†PLEASE consider purchasing some books this time. ¬†For every 1 book you buy (especially online) I can get 2-3 books for our classroom library. ¬†Students will need to have their own SSR books again in just a couple short weeks. ¬†I do have hard copies of the latest Scholastic book forms in my room if students would like to take them to look at.

Use our class code: L7L3T

In closing, I had a student tell me today, “Mrs. Yates, I NEVER bring paper to your class.” I told him I took that as a compliment. ¬†He said, “Really? You aren’t mad?” I told him no! “My expectation was to make you 21st century students who could survive a world without paper and pencils and keep up with the digital nation surrounding you!!!” ¬†Today is a day when I look at all my students have accomplished so far and really get excited about Part 2!


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