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Exit Tickets meets Reality


First full week of school is finally here. . .and gone! It is about this time that students-and teachers-begin to find their strides and personalities begin to emerge.  I must say, I’m so thankful for the wonderful classes I have this year.  While large in comparison to previous years, the students are focused, polite, and ready to participate every day.

Today we began with our first journal writing.  The topic was 3 academic-measurable goals and 2 personal goals. Students were also to include a good introduction, supporting details, and a solid concluding statement.  I asked that they be around 10 sentences in length and follow the rules for Standard English (spelling, punctuation, capitalization–i.e.-no “text” talk).  I think a few students are struggling with the transition back to typing to their teachers and not to their friends.  A few will getting a second chance since their first attempt might have had a few too many errors. If you need to still submit your journal (or for future reference) please use the correct link below:

Block 1-Journal

Block 2- Journal

Block 3-Journal

We rounded out our pronoun discussion today with indefinite, demonstrative, relative and interrogative pronouns.

After our break today, the students took their first exit ticket over nouns and pronouns.  I think it was quite an eye-opener for most.  There was no multiple choice or matching.  We are trying to model our assessments after the PARCC assessments that will take over ISTEP next year.  I will begin grading the Exit Tickets over the weekend (when my children cooperate or sleep).  🙂 Once they are graded, I will add that grade to RDS based on the 1-4 proficiency scale. Keep in mind, if a students receives a low score, they will have the opportunity to improve and the lower grade will be erased.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

Monday will be the first formative assessment on Text Structure and Media! Stay tuned!


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