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A Bittersweet Goodbye

Well, I can’t believe I am writing this–but since many of you still are reading this–I felt this was the best place to make my announcement. I have decided to accept a new job with the Indiana Dept of Education.  My new title is Outreach Coordinator for Region 1.  I will still live in Newburgh.  However, I will be working with school corporations in the surrounding 14 counties.  I will help struggling schools get better and help showcase our standout schools.  I get to work with curriculum, instruction, data, and community partnerships.  I also still get to use and teach plenty of technology as well.

I went to school today to begin packing up all my materials! It was a bittersweet moment! I had such a great year with so many of you and I was truly looking forward to the next crew to enter into those chairs.  However, I am really excited about the next chapter in my life.  Please continue to stay in touch!!! You will be able to find my new email address on the IDOE staff page very soon!! (It is still being processed!)

Best of luck next year! I can’t wait to hear all the amazing things you are doing!!


Anyone home?

I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation! I don’t know about you–but it seems to be going so fast already.

If any of you are still checking this–I need some help!

I am presenting at the EVSC eRevolution Conference at North High School  on July 10 & 11.  My sessions are all about Blogging in the Classroom.  Why do it? How to do it? etc.  I’d love some of you to be there to give the student side of the story.  You would only need to be there for a couple of hours each/either day.  If you are interested–comment on this post or shoot me an email.  I’ll get back to you with the exact times of my sessions! 

I’d love to see some of you there!!!

Enjoy your summer!!!!!!!!

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