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Figurative Language

    Metaphor     Hyperbole     Personification      Onomatopoeia     Alliteration     Idiom

Click here for Figurative Language definitions! (More here!)

Figurative Language  Flashcards (Not enough? Here are some more!)

Figurative Language in Music? NO WAY!


Personification Basketball.  Click here to play!

Metaphors & Similes

“Grammar Girl” explains



Examples in Poetry: Click here for examples


50 examples of Hyperbole


Click here for 100 examples of onomatopoeia


Click here for alphabetical list of words that are commonly used in alliteration.

Examples of alliteration.


Figurative Language with Pop Music! Click here for Prezi.
You will need to select 4 out of the 7 choices for Figurative Language.  (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, idiom)

  • Use the examples below for inspiration
  • Will need to use Photo Story, Windows Movie Maker, or iMovie (or something equivalent) to complete the assignment.
  • Must show figurative language you’ve chosen
  • Then show us the lyrics that pertain to the figurative language (not the entire song-just the lines around)
  • We will also need to hear the song. (YouTube video or simply play the song in the background) (Again, not the entire thing–just the parts that apply.)
  • You don’t have to include the explanation, but be ready to share it with your classmates.


Figurative language in Rap? Sure! Click here for Flocabulary’s site dedicated to just that!

Examples of what you should accomplish using Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, etc*


*Tutorials for Windows Movie Maker and Photo Story

Windows Movie Maker

Photo Story

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3 thoughts on “Figurative Language

  1. Cole Zenthofer on said:

    Mrs. Yates, I don’t’ know how I am going to complete this project. My netbook is broken, my replacement netbook will not let me log in, and my Desktop Computer at home was just wiped and has nothing on it (does not have windows movie maker). I don’t have anything else that I could make it on either. What should I do?

  2. Evan block 1 on said:

    We should do a project with movie maker again

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