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Surprise, Surprise!

sickLesson learned.  Today I typed on Facebook that I was grateful my kiddos were all healing and that I was finally going to teach all 5 days this week.  Since you are reading this, you have figured out that I spoke too soon.  My little 2 guys are both fighting fevers and a VERY nasty stomach bug! So, once again, I am home with them! The good news is that the grandparents are on standby for the rest of the week–so this will be my only absence this week. (They were all busy today!) 😦

Luckily, I had already prepared 2 other blog posts for today before I left school yesterday.  You should see both of them posting below this one. Things will have to alter just a little since I won’t be there to guide you and have the discussions I was hoping for!

Here is the plan for today:

  • Read in your silent reading book for 15 minutes. (Yes, you were told yesterday that you should have one in class everyday–so NO ONE should have any excuses!! I don’t want to learn that many of you took them off my bookshelf either.)
  • Then, I want you to look that QAR post below. Find this link QAR-Gr3-8_ISTEP_examples and click on it.  I want you to take time to read through it.  It is an older ISTEP that shows the 4 types of QAR questions.  I want you to see what they look like and how to spot each type of question.
  • Next, read the “David Text” to yourself and see if you can label the questions that are provided.  When your table is complete–compare your answers and see how did.  (Do them ALONE first, BEFORE you compare answers!)
  • Then, download the QAR Question Practice link.  Number a sheet of paper 1-55. (Yes! I know! Paper and pencil again! The world must be coming to an end!) Obviously I didn’t create this one for looks–but for practice.  Go over the questions ALONE and label them. (RT [right there], TS [think & search], AM [author & me], OO [on my own]) When the class is finished, I’d like for you to go over each one and debate the correct answers.  (The substitute will need to referee this discussion since I know how much you love to talk over each other. Unless you want to appoint one of you to take the lead and keep the conversation focused and moving forward.)
  • Once that is complete, find your children’t book that I gave you yesterday.  No, you cannot switch.  As a group, I’d like for you to create 2 questions of each of the 4 QAR types.  (Mix them up.  They should not be multiple choice.  However, they must all be based on your book.) (If you get stuck, go back to yesterday’s blog where I gave you multiple resources on the various question stems that each question uses.) Be sure to include your names and the title of your book at the top of the questions.  Send me 1 email/group with your information on it.
  • I doubt that you will have time to move on to the circles of knowledge and Yo-Yo approach to writing.  However, if time allows–go ahead and read over that material so you are familiar with it for tomorrow’s discussion!

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