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QAR Continued

QARTake a moment to open this document.  It is an actual old ISTEP test with examples of the QAR questions. QAR-Gr3-8_ISTEP_examples

David Text

            David woke up fifteen minutes late.  As soon as he saw the clock, he jumped out of bed and headed for the shower, afraid he’d miss the bus again.  He looked in the dryer for his favorite jeans, but they were actually still in the washing machine.  “Dang! I told my sister to put my stuff in the dryer! Now what am I gonna wear today?”  After settling for a pair of baggy shorts and a Hilfiger rugby shirt, he grabbed a bag of chips and a soda from the kitchen, and search frantically for his history book.  When he found it, he put it in his backpack, along with his breakfast, his hat, and his lucky deck of cards.  As he ran to the bus stop, he told himself, “I will not stay up late watching wrestling anymore!”


What kind of question is it? (Right There, Think & Search, Author & Me, On My Own)

  • What did David do as soon as he saw the clock?
  • What did he tell himself as he ran to the bus stop?
  • How did David get ready to leave the house?
  • What did David look for before he left the house?
  • Where was David going that morning?
  • At what time of day was David getting ready to go?
  • Should teenagers be able to watch TV on school nights?
  • Should parents always wake their kids up in the morning?

Here is a sampling of ISTEP test questions.  I’d like for you to see if you can decide which type of question they are. QAR Question Practice

You will be creating your own test questions based on your children’s book today.


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