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Tuesday’s Plan

photoToday is surgery day! So, once again I will be out! I just want to thank all of you for the flexibility and maturity you have shown while I have been dealing with my son.  Many of you have sent nice emails and stopped by to say that you were thinking and praying for us! You will never know how much that means to us.  (Hopefully we have reached the end of the crazy days of Mrs. Yates and all the missed days!)

  • A group of students from PEERS PROGRAM (from NHS) will be here to talk to you during the 1st period of the block. You will need to clear off your desks and put all your netbooks away. You will need to be respectful and quiet during their presentation.  If they ask for participation, then I’ll expect that you participate with them as well.
  • During the 2nd part of the block, you will review for Acuity.  Acuity C will be given tomorrow or Wednesday–depending on when I return to school.
    • First, I want you to be able to check your growth report.  Remember, we set a goal last after Acuity B.  I want you to see your growth.  Log in to Acuity.  Then you should see this screen.  Click “view reports”Acuity Screen Shot
    • Click on Language ArtsScreen Shot 2013-02-15 at 10.29.05 AM
    • Finally, you should see this page.  There should be 3 places that are hyperlinked and allow you to click.  Take time to click through ALL THREE of them.  As you scroll down, you will see your test, the standards, your answers, etc.  This is FULL of data that should help you prepare for the next test.Screenshot_2_15_13_10_30_AM
    • After at LEAST 5-7 minutes–YES–SPEND THAT MUCH TIME POURING OVER YOUR DATA–make sure you have your goal set for this time.  In today’s blog, write what your goal will be.  Remember, it should be measurable. (words like: better, more, good–won’t work! Give your goal a number. [i.e. I want to improve by 3 points.])   Explain why you set that goal, why it is important, and you hope to achieve it.
    • When you finish with your goal, go back into Acuity and click “Study.”  There are many resources that have been added from your Acuity B scores.  You must work through 4-5 of them.  Take your time–remember, I see exactly how long you spend on each one, in addition to your score.
    • If you still have a few minutes at the end of the period, get out your free reading book and read.  You should be reading for 20 minutes each day.  (In a book that YOU have chosen and that YOU continue to read–IN and OUT of class. You need it EVERYDAY in class!!!!!!!!!)

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One thought on “Tuesday’s Plan

  1. Andrew Myers on said:

    I hope the surgery goes well today, It’s sad that your out but your son needs you more than any of us. Good luck

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