mrs. yates class

A peek inside our classroom everyday!


Good morning!


My son was doing better this evening–so I was planing on returning to school in the morning.  Sadly, some complications have arisen.  I will need to stay home again tomorrow to call the doctor and take care of him again.  Since this was unplanned, I had to call in a sub-very late at night.  You will probably have a new face with you today.  PLEASE be nice and cooperative.

You will take Acuity today.  Mrs. Kassenbrock has generously agreed to come over and help the sub understand how to give it to you.  PLEASE take your time and do a great job.  Remember the goals that you set and do your best to achieve them.

When the entire class has finished Acuity-then you can take your break.  You MUST remain silent while everyone is finishing their test.

Take 20 minutes to silent read. If you still have any time leftover-you may work on something else.  If you take your time with Acuity–you SHOULDN’T have any time leftover!


Good luck!!!


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