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The Final Countdown

countdownThe final countdown has begun to the multimedia presentations. Today, you will have just a few minutes to put finishing touches on your presentations. Although you have each been assigned a day for the book talks and presentations, please be ready on Tuesday.  No, you all won’t go on Tuesday, but you need to be prepared to go when the group in front of you finishes and we have time left over. We won’t be meeting on Friday, due to job shadowing, so we need to get all of these in-in a short amount of time.


Plan for today:

  1. Today is Library Day! Using the sticks, you may go to the library 5 at a time.  Remember, you need to have your own book starting this week since our novel reading is over.  Your book MUST be on your level and not too easy or hard! This book is part of the daily expectation of materials being brought to class.  You SHOULD have it with you daily. (Block 1–goes 2nd period, Block 2–goes 3rd period, Block 3–goes 5th period)
  2. Look at the Kidsblog site. Choose 3 different blogs–before today’s date–and comment on them.  (Content, Length, and Grammar [word choice]) Your comments should be positive, yet constructive.  Same rules apply as last time.  I have turned off the setting where I have to approve them first, so be sure you are happy with what you post before you hit the publish button.
  3. Next, your blog post today will be a diary entry.  You will assume the role of a member of the sub-group that you have been researching.  It is the end of a long day where you have been fighting for your life. (or trying to end someone else’s)  If you have been researching the Nazi point of view–be careful how you choose your words.  You do not want to be too violent or cruel in your word choice.  Plus, we do not want to offend any of our readers.
    1. Your title should be “Diary from a __________ point of view.”
    2. You should think about a typical day from the group you have researched.
    3. Plus, think about Anne’s words.  What did she record each day? Could you hear her voice? What made it relatable? Use that background knowledge as you think about what to write.
    4. Blocks 1 & 2–You should have a minimum of 12-15 sentences.  Block 3–You should have a minimum of 5-7 sentences. (Spelling, punctuation, content all count!)
    5. Be thoughtful in your post.  Not RANDOM! Try to include some of the interesting facts you learned into this narrative. (DO NOT simply give statistics.)
  4. You are going to send me an email. Move AWAY from others eyes.  This will be a private email that only I will see.
    • Send me an email entitled: Group Report.
    • Part A = Book talk
    • List each group member and their contribution to the group.
    • Then, if you were me–how would you rate them? 1,2, 3, 4 (A one means they did nothing and contributed very little.  A four means they went way ABOVE the expectation for the group.) Then, give me at least 2-3 sentence justifying your rating.
    • Do the same for the members in your research group.
    • Then send it to me! (Remember–I will be the only one to see it–so be honest!)

If you have any time remaining–as a group, be sure that you have your presentation ready to go.  Tomorrow, everything should be loaded and ready to roll.  Save it on a flash drive or be sure that MULTIPLE people have access to it.  That way it won’t matter if someone is a no show–someone will still have the presentation information.

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  1. Mrs. Yates, I still can not figure out how to get on the blog. Every time i get on the website, it will not let me sign in or blog and it looks different than your blog you pull up. I can’t figure it out. Can you please help me? Thanks, Cole Zenthofer

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