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They finally get it! Read this today and HAD to feature it on my blog! Congrats, Rachael! Job well done!

January 28, 2013 @ 6:16 PM 5 Comments       Edit this Post

Well, before I go off into my ramble about the research my group and I did today, let me explain the title. Before I started typing this blog post I was thinking: “Why do we have to do these blog things everyday? It takes about a half-a-hour to a hour (depending on length) for me to do these every week night.” After that though, I began thinking. I thought: “Well, these blogs help make us better writers by testing our grammar and spelling skills everyday. These enhanced skills, thank to our blogs, help us write better school papers. Better school papers mean better grades, better grades mean better college choices, better college choices mean better education, and a better education means a better chance that we have for going on to have a successful career in what ever field we may choose, and not working at a fast-food restaurant, like McDonald’s.” The skills this blog gives me might be the difference between me being stuck at a community college (because no other college would take me)  while working at McDonald’s to make a living and me getting in to Yale and going on to work at N.A.S.A. as head Aerospace Space Engineer, if there is such a thing! (I may have “exaggerated” a bit in the last paragraph.)

Now on to my ramble about today. The whole class time today was devoted to research time. Since I missed the last major research day, I knew I had to make up today. I didn’t get a lot done though because the search engine was being a jerk and blocking a lot of stuff. That and it’s really hard to find a story of a specific mentally/physically challenged person that was killed or survived (I don’t know if there were any survivors) in the Nazi euthanasia program on the web in general, then add the fact that a whole bunch of websites were blocked and that makes things even harder. Anyway, that pretty much sums up my day in English class. I guess I’ll post again tomorrow; partly because my teacher will get mad if I don’t and partly so I don’t grow up to work at a fast food restaurant! Until then!


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