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Last time (I hope!)

Well, as you know–I am out again for a meeting downtown! Fingers crossed, this will be the last meeting of the year!

PLEASE be on your best behavior! Stay focused and ON TASK! Don’t let your netbooks distract you from the work at hand!

Here is the plan & resources you will need for today:

  • First you will go on the Kidsblog site.  Since I am not there to walk you through the grammar/content check–you are going to do it by yourself.  Here are the steps I’d like you to take:
    • First, remember that this is a real person with feelings.  You need to be honest, but not rude in your critique.
    • Find the person’s blog to your right (from your table).  In the comment section-critique their blog.
      • I do NOT want to see, “Good job! Nice! Excellent!”
      • Be specific with your comments.
      • Was it long enough?
      • How was their content? Did they summarize too much? Not enough? Did they predict? Reflect? Draw conclusions? Did they give you enough details so that if you haven’t read their book or done their research that you understand what they are talking about?
      • Check their grammar! Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word choice, sentence fragments etc etc etc!
      • Pretend you are me and be specific!
    • Then, choose someone’s blog who is in this class, but not at your table.  If you see many other people commenting on this blog post, do NOT choose it.  We want to spread the love around.  Do the same as above.
    • Finally, choose someone’s blog who is NOT in your block.  Follow the same directions as above.
  • Once that is complete, you will need to read your novels.  Today is Day 11 on the page number chart.  Before you read, check out this handout with the reading strategy for today.  stop_and_jot handout
    • You should have a package of post-its on your table.  Please use them correctly for today’s assignment.  When the reading and discussion is complete, return the unused Post-its to Mrs. Hux.
    • After the 20 minute reading time is complete, you need to discuss your notes and thoughts for the next 7 minutes.
  • Finally, when all the above is complete, you will have the rest of the period to devote to your research groups.



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2 thoughts on “Last time (I hope!)

  1. Makenna Thomas on said:

    Are we supposed to leave the sticky notes in the novel after we write them?

  2. Danielle Hoover on said:

    I can’t find anybody not at my table and in my class that did last night’s blog. Could I just do someone at my table or another day’s blog?

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