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Train Car Activity

Today we will be looking at the railroad system that was used to transport the people to the concentration and death camps.

First, you will receive a paper (I know! Paper!) of this map:

Europe 1942

You will want to be sure to take note of these links, as they will be very helpful to your activity today.

The activity:

For marking the map, you will need three different colored pens, pencils, or highlighters.

  1. On the Railroad Routes to Auschwitz map, locate and write the names of the following capitals and cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Hamburg, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Pristina, Rome, and Vienna.
  2. Using a different color, write the names of the following ghettos: Bialystok, Grodno, Kovno, Lodz, Lublin, Radom, Theresienstadt, and Vilna.
  3. Using a third color, write the names of the following concentration camps: Buchenwald, Narva, Sachsenhausen, Salonica, and Westerbork.  You will need to mark Kovno in this color also because it was converted into a camp in 1943.
    Use the back of the paper to answer the following questions:
  4. Using the scale provided on the map, estimate the distance trains traveled to Auschwitz from the following ghettos and camps: Buchenwald, Lodz, Narva, Salonica, Theresienstadt, Vilna, and Westerbork.
  5. Auschwitz was in operation as an extermination and concentration camp from March 1942 until November 1944.  How many months is this (be sure to include both of these months in your total)?
  6. The boxcars used to transport people to Auschwitz were 30 ft. long and 8 ft. wide.  How many square feet is this?
  7. Each boxcar contained 100 to 120 people.  When a boxcar held 120 people, what was the average amount of space each person had?
  8. What can you infer to be the worst aspect of these train journeys?

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