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Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #6

In what ways are Anne’s experiences typical of teenagers? In what ways are they different?


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32 thoughts on “Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #6

  1. Anne’s experience is typical as a teenager because she likes Peter, and normally you like someone when you are a teenager. Also Anne has her sister and mother watching out for her like normal. The ways her experiences are different are because she lives with her family and another one and normally that wouldn’t happen and also most teenagers don’t live in secret annexes all though it is at the time of the holocaust.

  2. Delanie Burgess on said:

    Anne has the typical experiences of a normal teenager. Even though Anne has been locked up in an Annex for two years, she still has her mom, a sister to talk to, and a boy she likes. Anne is at the time where she wants nothing to do with her mom and only wants her dad to comfort her and her friends to talk to her about it. Anne also has the experiences that aren’t typical of teenagers. One of the main things is that she has been locked up in an Annex for two years, with no friends! Teenagers are usually with friends a lot, but instead she has her diary to talk to, or to write to. Another thing is that she is locked up with two people a couple years older than her plus all the adults, she needs peers to be around! Anne really didn’t get to go hang out with friends like most teenagers do, but she still had some teenager experiences.

  3. Cassie Carlile on said:

    Anne’s experiences are typical of teenagers because she goes through puberty just like every other teenager in the world. In the text, she tells the reader that she goes through a special girly puberty experience. Another way she has the same experiences are, for example, she has two other “girlfriends” in her life to help her through tough times. Those two ladies are her mother and her sister. Anne can be different from teenagers because she wasn’t living like a normal teenager. In the story, she has been in hiding in the Secret Annex for a very ling time, and normal teenagers do not have to go into hiding.

  4. Taylor Christie on said:

    Anne is very much similar to a normal teenager, but in some ways she is different. Anne is starting to like a boy and as a teenager you start to have feelings for a special someone. One example from the text where Anne is different is how Anne is living in an Annex to hid from the Nazi’s. The second example from the text is when Anne and her mother Mrs. Frank fight. Every teenager goes through a phase where they don’t get along with their parent’s. She is developing into a young lady physically and emotionally. I believe Anne is making the most of the situation she is in. She may be hiding and going through rough times, but she is still a typical teenager.

  5. Ira Stasi on said:

    Anne is much alike normal teens, she may also be very different. Like all teens, Anne is changing emotionally and physically. The text states that she is now starting to show affection towards a boy, Peter, like all teens who are now being attracted to the opposite sex. A second example from the passage is that she is a teenaged girl, who longs to have another girl to talk about drama with. She is different from most of us teens, although, because she lived through a war and she is much more emotionally strong. This proves that Anne Frank is a=very similar to most teens, as well as completely different.

  6. Josie Ault on said:

    Anne’s experiences of being a teenager are a lot like ours but different in many ways. Anne still has to go through the dreadfulness and beauty of puberty but in a very different and more challenging environment. Everyday us teenagers can go outside and see the world around us and form opinions, even the simplest ones , such as how the weather is, Anne can not and it kills her to know she may never be able to go outside again. Anne’s teenage years are more different from ours than alike, she has no friends besides Peter, she has no one to help mold and shape her opinions. All teenagers feel alone sometimes, but Anne truly was alone, hiding in the Annex, not being able to make a sound. Every teenager has to go through puberty , and the environment we’re raised in at that time helps us through out the rest of our lives. Anne was just like me, going through what I am now, but she had it harder by not being able to speak those opinions I’m allowed to every day. This in which made her teenage years so different from mine.

  7. Macy Cato on said:

    Anne’s experiences of being a typical teenager are almost the same just some minor differences. Anne just like every other teenager goes through puberty. Anne also likes a boy She starts to like Peter more and more and shows affection towards him. Another thing that shows Anne is becoming A teenager is that she wants a girl not a family member but a friend to just talk to. To be there for her. this shows that Anne is growing up. Also how she is like many teens in many ways just different.

  8. Mattie Toone on said:

    Anne is a lot like typical teens, but she can also be a bit different. Like all teens, Anne is changing emotionally and physically. According to the text she had started to have a bit of a crush on Peter, like all teens who are now beginning to like boys and girls. Another example from the text, is that she is a teenage girl, who really wants to have another girl to share her feelings with. She is different from most of us teens because she lived through World War II and she is stronger because of her experiences. This proves that Anne Frank is quite similar to most teens, although quite complex.

  9. Andrew Carranza on said:

    Anne is very similar and different to most teens. She is changing emotionally and physically. The text states that she is starting to show affection to Peter. Most teens also start to show affection towards a boy/girl. Anne is similar but also very different. She is growing up in WWII, because of this she is most likely stronger emotionally. Anne is a very typical teenage girl but she is also very different because of her situation.

  10. Jessi Peistrup on said:

    Anne is similar to most teens, but she has different experiences. In the text, she starts showing affection for Peter. That is similar to most other teenage girls that show affection for guys. Also, in the text Anne says she misses having a friend to talk to. Most people have a best friend they can tell everything to. According to the text though, Anne hid in a secret annex for around 2 years. This is very unique and few people have had to go through that. Since she is hiding, she isn’t allowed to go outside at all. This is very different from most teens, who can go outside whenever they want. This shows that Anne was both similar and different to most teens.

  11. Mallory Barron on said:

    Some of Anne’s experiences would have been typical of teenagers. She argued with her mother, and sister. She wanted to spend time with her friends. Anne falls in love with someone, she probably shouldn’t have. She liked reading books, and writing stories. Anne’s experiences would have been different, because, she would have lived in isolation. She had to feel trapped, and bored, not being able to go outside. She would have had no privacy.

  12. Taylor Cates on said:

    Anne’s life as a teen are in someways similar to our life today, even thought it might not seem like it. Just like every teenage girl in the world she has a major crush on a cute boy. Every teen also argue with family and friends just like Anne did. And even though she wanted to spend time with her friends and have fun, she couldn’t. Teenagers today don’t have to go through life in war, she has to live in an Annex for two years, most teens don’t. Even though our lives are more different than they are similar we are all normal teens, no matter how different we may seem.

  13. Johnny Parker on said:

    Anne Frank was like a normal teenager in some ways. She was more of a daddy’s girl and sometimes got into arguments with her mother. She also lived a life not like other teens. Anne Frank had to go through WWII and the Holocaust. That doesn’t just happen everyday to teens. Anne lived like a normal teen and also a ordinary teen life.

  14. Anne Frank’s experiences with being a teenager are pretty normal. She is going through internal, and external changes. She starts to like Peter, which is normal because teenagers start to like each other at that age. The text says that she is trying on some of her older sisters clothes. The only way I can say her experiences are different is the way she gets on everyone’s nerves. She just seems to always be an annoyance to someone. Over all, I think she is pretty normal for being a new teen.

  15. Madison Meese on said:

    Anne’s experiences are typical of normal teenagers. She is starting to like a boy and she is becoming emotional. She is developing into a teenage body and she is having problems with her mother. Some of Anne’s experiences are completely different from a normal teenagers life. I don’t know any teen that has had to go into hiding for two years. I also have never met a teen that couldn’t go outside because they would get taken. Anne has experienced more than a typical teen should ever have to.

  16. Sydney Stippler on said:

    Anne’s experience as a teenager are alike and different from those of a normal teenager. They are alike because Anne has various emotional episodes, such as fighting with her mother, crying, and slamming doors when she gets into trouble. She constantly argues with the adults, especially her mother. She begins to have feelings for boys (Peter) and become more mature. Her experience differed from those of a typical teen because Anne was locked up in a secret annex for a whole two years. Most teens live it up, party at friends’ houses, have sleepovers, go shopping, eat as much junk food as they can, etc. Poor Anne was trapped in her room with a grown man, eating hardly any food each day, trying to keep as dead quiet as possible, and the only activity she had to do was read or write in her diary. I cannot stand just reading or writing for just about an hour so I could never imagine doing just that for 2 years! I feel so horrible for Anne and what she went through. She definitely did not deserve anything that she experienced.

  17. chad elmore on said:

    Anne has some experiences that can be related to most teens and some that are different. In the text it states that she is going through a special time in her life. Every teen in the world has that “Miracle.” She also has different experiences. For example she is in the Holocaust. Almost nobody can say they went through the Holocaust as a teen.

  18. Katelyn Le on said:

    Anne Frank was just like any typical teenager, but then she is different in many ways. Just like any other teenage girl she started to have feelings for boys. She began to show affection to Peter. The text said that Anne also had to go through her special girly puberty problems. Anne was different from us teens because she was cooped up in a secret annex, hiding in fear of being killed. She had no friends besides Peter, and for the longest time she did not have anybody to talk to about her feelings. That’s why she began writing in a diary. Most teens have many friends to talk to help them when they are feeling down. Anne was like many of us, but in many ways was different.

  19. Riley Holzmeyer on said:

    Anne’s experiences are barely like a typical teenagers experiences. She did live with a family all regularly before the war, but during they had to live in the Annex. They still got food and had clothing like all teenagers do. She also lived with her family like a typical teen. But Anne couldn’t go to other peoples house to hang out. The only time she got to hang out was when she was in Peter’s room. Anne didn’t get to go to the mall or go shopping anywhere. Teenage girls would probably go everyday if they could. She couldn’t at all. She didn’t even get to go outside for 2 whole years. A typical teen goes outside everyday.

  20. Reid McIntire on said:

    Anne’s experiences are typical of teenagers because she still argues with her mom and always has girly thoughts. The text states that Anne and her mother get into several arguments throughout the story. The text also states that she thinks about a ton during the time in the annex. This proves that although Anne was stuck in the worst situation of her life, she still acted as herself at many times.

  21. Haley Rich on said:

    Anne’s experiences are typical for a teenager. One way is because she starts to like Peter. Her and her mom also get in arguments because she is at the augmentative age. She also had “girl problems” which every teenager goes through. I believe that she had many experiences like and different from typical teenagers.

  22. Eric Brinker on said:

    Anne is still a normal teenager, she just has to live a different way. She is trapped in an Annex so she does not get seen by the green police. She will have to go straight to a camp that she does not want to go to! Anne is still going through puberty, so yes she is still a normal teenager.

  23. Danielle Hoover on said:

    Anne’s experiences are typical of a teenager. They are typical because Anne had a crush on Peter. She is untypical of a teenager because she is able to be quiet when there are people downstairs. This shows that Anne grew up during the time she was in the annex.

  24. Anne’s experience of being a teenager is normal at first. The only differance is that she is a jew. Then, the war started that is when Hitler came into all control and started to take the Jews into camps. That is when Anne and her family had to go into hiding. So then Anne’s life as a teenager changed and i feel bad for Anne and hope that i will never have to go through that.

  25. Eli Reeves on said:

    Anne has been experienced as a typical teenager. The story states that Anne has gone through her aging cycle. She has grown hormones for Peter, and she has been anxious to get a kiss with Peter. I think that Anne is living a normal teenager life besides staying in the annex.

  26. calvin on said:

    I believe she has changed due to the past actions and happenings. I believe in my suggestion because when she heard her best friend was taken from her own home, Anne took it very deep inside. Another reason for my belief is because each passing day and time, her feelings for Peter change as well as her age, and when the time comes when he first kissed her, everything in her confirmed it.

  27. Megan Centers on said:

    Anne’s behavior is typical of teenagers in some parts, and untypical in others. According to the story, Anne and her mother argue with each other. Anne is tired of her mother babying her, and this behavior is typical of a teenager. Anne is also starting to like Peter, which is common because she is a teenager and she is becoming emotional. The story also says that the occupants of the secret annex did not get a lot of food. Normal teenagers are growing and usually eat a lot. This is how Anne is alike and different from other teenagers.

  28. alexis barnett on said:

    Anne’s teenage experiences were like a normal girl’s and unlike a normal girls. She loved to fix her hair, wear pretty clothes, and wear make up. She also had an interest in boys (Peter). She also got aggravated with the people around her and felt misunderstood at times. Her teenage years were very different from a typical girl’s though. She didn’t get to see friends a lot. She also was locked in an annex for two years with barely enough food to survive. Just that would make your childhood abnormal. She also never got to go to school in those two years so that would make it a little different. She had a sort of typical teenage life.

  29. Sydney Rexing on said:

    Anne is a typical teenager in many ways, but in many ways different. The text states that Anne is starting to have stronger and stronger feelings for Peter. Like most teenagers, you start have feeling for that one special person. The text also states that Anne and her mom fight a lot. Every teenager goes through that phase that you want nothing to do with your parents, and at this time Anne is going through that phase. Anne is different from being a typical teenager because she doesn’t get to go outside she feel the fresh air, which I do every single day. Also, she doesn’t have that one best friend to talk about everything with, which is very important for many people. This shows that Anne is a typical teenager and is not a typical teenager at the very same time.

  30. Aryanna Fellows on said:

    Anne’s is a typical teenager in some ways, and untypical in others. In the story, it says that she has a crush on Peter, like a normal teenager. She also goes through puberty, and argues with her mother, which is also normal for a teenager. She is different from a typical teenager because she is in hiding in an Annex with another family during WWII.

  31. Cole Elliott on said:

    Anne is a typical teen in some ways, and different in another. Anne hit puberty like any other teen. Anne also started having feelings for Peter. Anne is also different from your average teen, she lives in the Secret Annex that is not average, but it was average during Hitler’s time in power. Anne’s life was average and not average to a average teen

  32. Addison Horne on said:

    Anne is experiencing the ways of a typical teenager. She is hitting puberty. So it isn’t much different than today.

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