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Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #3

Why is a diary an effective way to learn about World War II? What can you learn from a diary like Anne Frank’s that you can’t learn from other sources? What does a diary like Anne Frank’s leave out that you need other sources to learn?


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24 thoughts on “Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #3

  1. Blake Vondersaar on said:

    It is essential for learning because it tells about the nazis and world war 2. It tells how Anne and her family lived in these hard times. They had lived in a secret Annex with 8 people.

  2. Cassie Carlile on said:

    A diary can be a very effective way to learn about WW11 because it comes from a person that literallly experienced the situation. You can learn little details, factual information, and the emotions that the people were feeling at the time. Some things that you need to know from WW11 that Anne Frank’s diary doesn’t have are things she may not understand, so she leaves it out. In her diary, she also just tells whats really happening with her and her family, not the actual WW11 itself.

  3. A diary is a much more effective way to learn about World War I because with regular books and stories a lot of information is left out. If a person writes about their experiences they might have forgotten about certain details, plus they might feel uncomfortable talking about certain situations with other people. Unlike a diary where the person can write anything because it is private. They are also writing it at the time it happened, so no details are forgotten. Plus, it tells the emotion behind the person. With most history books the author just gives you the facts and information they have found out. But, a person with a live memory of it can give exact details and show through their writing all of their thoughts and emotions. Therefore, making a diary a better choice for details.

  4. Victoria Terry on said:

    A dairy is a very effective way to learn about WW 2 because, it tells you about the war from the perspective of someone who has actually experienced it. You can learn things such as inside conversations during that war, real information and events that took place, and actual facts about the war from a diary like Anne Frank’s. However, that is only one persons perspective on the subject, and they were only experiencing certain thing. Therefore they would not know about everything that took place during the war. However, I believe that a diary would be a better choice to learn about WW 2 because you can get more inside details, and thoughts and feelings of a person who went through it, and how things really happened.

  5. Dakota Williams on said:

    In a diary like Anne Franks I could learn a lot about World War II. I can learn a lot because it was real world everything that happen in her hiding she plotted in her diary. When they went to hiding she said a lot in her dairy about that. What she did, what she needed. So say if i had to go into hiding i would not a lot to do with Anne Frank’s Diary.

  6. Rachael Keneipp on said:

    A diary is an effective way to learn about World War two and many other events in history. A diary is a good learning resource because they offer first –hand accounts of the events that happened. A diary can take you back to the time period and allow you to feel the emotions of the person who wrote the diary. A diary can also teach you about the culture that was common to during the time of the writer. Despite these wonderful things about diaries, there are some things that they leave out. Many diaries can’t tell you what else is going on at the time besides what is happening to them. For example, in The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne wouldn’t be able to tell you much about the invasion of the allied forces because she was locked up in the annex. For this kind of information you would need a history book of some sort.

  7. Kade Fleming on said:

    A diary is an effective way to learn about WWII because it gives you information from somebodies point of view. You can learn from the
    ‘Diary of Anne Frank” about Anne’s feelings and how they experienced the war. “The Diary of Anne Frank” leaves out what happened to other people in the war instead of just Anne, and other sources can inform you on what happened to other religions and people. Anne’s diary would give you more interesting information about WWII because it tells you how Anne experienced it rather than what everybody experienced.

  8. Hannah Garrett on said:

    During World War II, many races and cultures were persecuted by the German Nazis. The Nazis did many things to the Jews and other victimized races that only a select few people lived to tell of. Even a bare minimum of Jews in hiding survived to describe what their side of life was during the persecution of their race and culture. Knowing this information, a diary is a very effective thing to use to learn about World War II because you get to see what the person’s life was like living through the war, no matter the race. It would be very informative if the diary was from a Jewish point of view, like the diary Anne Frank kept while she was in hiding. Using the information contained within the diary, society could learn how a person or group of people lived under certain conditions and how they survived many trials while in certain situations. On the other hand, a diary could leave out many important details or events because it doesn’t give you the full picture of what really happened in the concentration camps or to the people taking the torture. The first-person view of a diary leaves out the importance of seeing things as they were, not through another person’s eyes, though that is sometimes the best way to learn.

  9. Ryan Lockard on said:

    A diary helps us learn about World War II because it gives you a first person view about what is was like to live during this time. Anne’s diary gave us the perspective from a teenage Jewish girl in hiding. I am glad we read this diary because without it I never would have realized what it was actually like for these people. I thought that being locked away in my dark room for 2 hours was boring enough, I can’t begin to image the pain these people must have gone through.

  10. Lindsay on said:

    A diary is an effective way to learn about WWII and other events because it gives very specific details about what is going on from one person’s point of view. A diary, such as Anne’s, can give you information that you can’t get from other sources. Some of this information includes specific conversations between that person and someone else, emotions that the person was feeling, and possibly their side of the story that is different from other sources. While a diary is a good way to learn about some points, it also leaves out some information. It could leave out what is really going on like in Anne’s diary. We only heard of what was going on in the Annex, not of what was really happening outside. In this case, I enjoyed reading of Anne’s experience because I have heard the story of the Holocaust many times, but this was a brand new perspective for me.

  11. Taylor Cates on said:

    The diary is an effective way to learn about World War II because it give details about what life was turkey like during that time period, nothing else can do that. Anne’s diary explains how difficult it was to be in their position for so long. Anne’s words that she writes in the diary are just amazing. They create beautiful artworks in your mind. Letting you know what millions of people when through all because of one single person. All of the other resources can’t do it the way she could. They leave out the specific details that are very important to history. The diary is a brilliant piece of history.

  12. Johnny Parker on said:

    A diary is a very effective way to learn about WWII because you can feel the struggle that person has to go through. You can read an everyday experience of that person. The one problem with a diary is that you cant really get facts about the war. A diary is still a great way to learn about the war and the struggle they have to go through.

  13. Chris Laszlo on said:

    A diary is a very effective way to learn about the events going on during WW2. One reason a diary is a very effective source is that you can get a first-hand account of what everybody thought about what was going on. You could learn exactly how the Jews felt about the events taking place during this time. It is also very accurate data because the information was recorded almost always the same day that it happened. This leaves out any room for mistakes to be made when recording details. The only thing a diary would not be good for would be information that was not leaked to the public, or information that was released until after the book was written. This would include things such as how many people died during the war, what Hitler’s exact plans were, etc. This is why a diary is an effective way in learning about WW2.

  14. Katelyn Le on said:

    A diary is a better way to learn about World War II because history books leave out a lot of information. A diary is where the person can write anything personal in it because it is private. The writer writes their feelings and emotions. History book authors just give you the facts and information they have researched, while a diary can give exact details of someone’s life. In conclusion, a diary a better choice for finding out details .

  15. Riley Holzmeyer on said:

    A diary is a great way to learn about World War 2. Because it is in a Jews point of few. Also you are in the action as well. It is real facts and you feel what they are feeling. You can’t learn how they felt. In an article it won’t tell you that Anne and Peter had strong feelings for each other. Or that they were scared when they heard the thief. An article will just tell you that they heard a thief because they weren’t there and they don’t know how they feel. But Anne does because she was there and then she can tell how she and her family felt at the time. Facts about other Jews and countries and things not close to the Frank family. In the diary they only talk about themselves and their countries. They say anything about what is going on in the U.S.

  16. cburkdoll2020 on said:

    Well, the first thing to say is that it is a first hand account of the events that happened. The diary holds the thoughts of the writer, and what he/she experiences. It holds more than a book even because the true emotion of that single person, compared to the rest of the population under the same circumstances, are thrown right out in the open. The second thing I would like to say is that a verbal report would describe the account better. A diary doesn’t answer questions that an actual person can, unless the writer is in like some god-like state of mind and can see into the future and predict random things, but I’m going off topic here. Diaries are good, but actual people are better

  17. A dairy is a sort of a good way to learn about a war. It is a first-hand account of what is happening. You can almost tell what is happening around them. You can see how they feel about what is happening; do they think its good, bad, necessary, or evil. There are some things that might make it hard to learn about a war from a dairy. If the writer says nothing about it, or, like Anne, they didn’t really know what was happening around them. In Anne Frank’s diary she doesn’t really know what is happening on the outside. That made it just a little bit harder to tell what was going on in the war, and most of it was just about her personal life, not a lot of straight up facts. Then again she told us her feelings on what she had to go through. Although, if you needed to learn about a war for a project, your best source might not be a diary, but if you do use a diary it helps you understand how people felt about the war.

  18. A diary is definitely an effective way to learn about World War II because it is written from an actual person who was there. You learn about how people felt, what they went through, and how difficult this time was for everyone.Yes, a diary does though leave out some important details about WWII. Some being, it doesn’t really explain what is going on outside the annex. Of course, that is not Anne’s fault, but it would be better if we also knew a lot about what was happening on the outside of everything. Overall, I would say a diary would be a good way to learn about what went on during World War II.

  19. Danielle Hoover on said:

    Anne’s diary is effective and ineffective for learning about World War 2. it is effective because it first-hand. It is ineffective because there was no information about the concentration camps or death camps. This shows that this is a good and bad way to learn about World War 2.

  20. Aryanna Fellows on said:

    Anne’s diary is a great way to learn about World War II because it comes straight from a person who was actually there. Through the diary you can see her feelings, thoughts, and opinions on what was happening. Although that is amazing, a diary does not state the facts. Since Anne was in hiding, she did not know what was happening around her, which means she couldn’t have wrote about it. I think that they both are equally a good way to learn about WWII.

  21. Andrew Myers on said:

    Reading a diary from WWII is a good way to see what happened because alot of people write down their daily life in it;its kinda like having eyes on the inside. Anne Frank’s diary is different form other sources because alows you to know what it was like in hiding and what it was like from their point of view. Even though Anne Frank’s diary tells you about her life in the annex while in hiding and whats going on from her view it doesn’t tell you whats going on in other places around the world. We will never truely know what it was like because their are so many different views to look from.

  22. Its very important because its a different point of the war in a little girls eyes and its very important to know what the war was like for someone her age i feel that by reading this diary i have learned alot more about WW2 the only thing the diary has left out is the every happenings such as the war and the Nazis

  23. Addison Horne on said:

    It shows a Jew’s perspective on World War II and what happened to people during that time. Anne was very lucky to survive for a long time like she did. She put up with 7 different people in the secret annex.

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