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Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #2

Anne Frank is widely known for her statement that “people are really good at heart,” a line that appears at the end of Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s stage adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank (which opened on Broadway in 1955 and won the Pulitzer Prize the next year). Yet this line comes from a diary entry, dated July 15, 1944, in which Anne also writes: “I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness, I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too, I feel the suffering of millions.” Based on your reading of the print version of the diary, how would you characterize Anne Frank’s view of human nature?

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8 thoughts on “Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #2

  1. Anne’s view on human nature was very interesting. I would say that she is describing the Nazis being so wild by their actions, and that they will come for her, too. I say this because in the story they are sure that they will be given up by the theif, and that it was just a matter of time. I believe that Anne’s veiw can be characterized as a wondering but greatful point of view.

  2. Andrew Carranza on said:

    She believes that everyone is in some way a good person. When Peter does not attempt to communicate with her; she still becomes very close because of her attempt to befriend him. He admitted that he thought differently at the end of the story than what he though about her at the beginning. He thought she was very loud and annoying; towards the end he said that he is glad to have someone to talk to, and he also mentions she is a very nice person. I believe Anne is right when she says that statement; everyone is good at heart.

  3. Cage Street on said:

    Anne sees human nature slowly declining. She thinks everyone has a little piece of kindness in their body, but some people don’t show it. She sees the human world also becoming less civilized and more like the wild where it is every person for themself. I agree with her because everyone has alittle bit of kindeness in their heart, but some don’t show it.

  4. Garrett Eich on said:

    The question asks what her view of human nature is in this passage, well I think that she thinks it is degenerating. I know this, because she talks of it as a thunder that is approaching that will soon destroy us too, she is talking not only about her, but almost the whole human race. The statement even compares life to a wilderness, this gives the sense that she thinks that they are practically animals that go and act inhumane in the wilderness. The Holocaust had taken her and turned her completely inside out from the Anne that used to be an actual kid. Her view of nature is grim now and she almost see’s no hope.

  5. Emily Gulledge on said:

    I think that Anne’s view of human nature is that it is effecting everyone else. Many people could act careless about a situation and just go along with something just to make themselves feel good, but Anne believes that people are actually good, but they choose not to show it in public. When they do something to make themselves feel good when it’s not so good, they should feel bad about what they are doing and show they are sorry. Then, not many people were standing up for the Jews because they wanted to also make themselves feel good and it spread to other non-Jews who eventually joined them. That’s what I believe Anne thinks about human nature.

  6. Chris Laszlo on said:

    Anne thinks that everybody has good inside themselves. You just have to know how to use the good inside of you. Anne goes into detail about how the Nazis could be good people, they just choose not to be. They would rather kill millions of people for the sake of greed. Anne also states that the world around her is becoming a wilderness. She means that more and more people are ignoring the good they have in their hearts and becoming evil because it is the easy route. When she says she hears the thunder approaching she means that the people who ignore the good inside themselves are about to reach her and kill her. This is what I think Anne thinks of human nature.

  7. How I see her visualization of human nature powerful. She sees how just one person can turn a whole country to the person’s side. She can also see how dangerous persuasion can change in the nature of people. If only we can see what happens through her eyes, then we can learn soo much more

  8. Aryanna Fellows on said:

    I think Anne’s view on human nature is that it’s falling apart. She says that she can feel the suffering, of not only her, but millions. She sees the world turning into the wilderness. Anne thinks that everyone has some good in their heart, but do not know how to show it. Anne’s view of human nature is much different, because she has experienced different things that will change her life completely.

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