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Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #1

What role does the diary play in Anne’s life?

(To answer this question, use the comment box. TIP: Type your answer in Word, Open Office, or Google Docs first–then cut/paste into the comment box.)
(Remember you must answer 4 of the questions.)


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33 thoughts on “Diary of Anne Frank Discussion Question #1

  1. Jared Chapman on said:

    I feel that the role Anne’s diary plays in the Anne’s life is her best friend. It states in the book that Anne said now I will tell you everything, to her diary. It also says when Anne reads her diary that she says pretty much everything that happens to her diary. So, I think that Anne’s diary plays the role of her best friend in the story.

  2. Hannah Bettag on said:

    The diary plays a huge role in Anne’s life. It is like a substitute best friend. She can share all her secrets with it. She gets annoyed being around the same people everyday. So, I think the diary helps her sort out all of her problems and feelings.

  3. Garrett Eich on said:

    Anne’s diary means so much to her, not only because her father gave it to her, but she uses it like it’s her best friend. She expresses herself vastly inside the diary, because of the fact it’s like her friend. She tells writes anything she feels inside of it. In the book it does state that she said she would write anything that happens to her in it that is why it is so important to her. Anne is comforted when she writes and without writing she has no way to express her feelings to their full potential

  4. Delanie Burgess on said:

    The role Anne’s diary plays in her life is, her best friend, someone she can tell everything to. Since Anne is trapped in the Secret Annex with seven other people, she needs a friend to talk to. Her diary was given to her from her dad for her birthday right before going into hiding. Her dad must have known that she would need a friend, so he tried to solve the problem before it started. The diary plays a very important role for Anne, without her diary she would be disliked even more because of ” letting off steam” on everyone else and not only that, she would be broke down and not know what to do.

  5. I think Anne Frank’s diary is one of her best friends. In the book it states that she has a lot of secrets in there that she wants to share with Peter and some of them are even about him. Anne also says that is were she goes when she has something to say but no one to say it too. These statements prove it is her best friend and everything that she thinks goes in this diary.

  6. Shelby Wintner on said:

    I believe that Anne’s diary is like a special friend she can communicate with. Because she is so lonely in the annex and longs to talk with someone that will keep her secrets safe, the diary is like a substitute. The diary is something that she can talk with and tell it secrets that it would never intentionally say.

  7. Taylor Christie on said:

    Anne’s Diary plays a huge role in her everyday life. It is almost like a best friend that she can tell anything to. It is very special to her, and what makes it even more special is that her father gave it to her. Anne doesen’t have anyone she feels comfertable really talking to, so she writes it in her diary. She knows that her diary wont judge her for how she feels or look at her any differently. It bothers her that her mother and sister have an opinion about everything, so she is stress-free when she writes in her diary. She wont have to worry about anyone having a strong opinion about what she says. I belive the diary is a good place for her to go to let off steam or get out excitement. It helps her through her difficult circumstance.

  8. Victoria Terry on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a huge part in her life, especially during this time because, she has no best friend around to talk to. With no friends, I feel that Anne’s diary plays the role of her best friend, because she can write anything in there, her thoughts, feelings, plans, and she feels that they will be kept safe. Anne feels comfortable writing anything in her diary because, it will not judge her, or argue with her like the other people in the Annex do. It also helps her to have her diary to write in because, instead of saying some of the rude things that she thinks of out loud, she can instead vent them to her diary, and save a lot of time arguing with people. I believe that if Anne did not have her diary during this time, her life would have been much harder, because she would have no way of letting out all of her feelings.

  9. Ira Stasi on said:

    I think Anne’s diary plays a very important role in her daily life. According to the passage, Anne said the diary is one of the only reasons she wants to live another day. The text also states that since she has no friends or others to relate and discuss er problems with, the diary is a great friend that Anne can talk to, anytime she needs to. This shows that Anne’s diary played one of, if not the, most important roles in her life during the War.

  10. Josie Ault on said:

    Anne’s diary has lead a major role in her life because when Anne had to be quiet , she always had someone to talk to. Anne’s diary was her best friend who was always there, supported her ideas , and helped her find opinions. This diary helped her grow up by Anne being able to write her feelings down. Anne talks about how special her diary is by writing in it all the time. This Diary is so significant to Anne’s life because with out it, who would she talk to about her feelings? Who would she share secrets with? Who would be her friend? How would she grow into a young adult without opinions that she wrote in the diary? This concludes Anne’s diary was not only a friend, but a passage way from childhood to young adult.

  11. Rachael Keneipp on said:

    Anne’s Diary could be seen as playing many different roles in Anne’s life, from a keepsake her father gave her to a place she can keep all of her secrets. Above all of those though, I believe the diary plays the role of a friend. I say this for many reasons. The diary allows her to express herself freely without anybody judging her thoughts and opinions. The diary also serves as an outlet for all of her fears, all of her anger, and any other possible emotions built up inside of her. I know her diary is very dear to her when she writes: “So, dear Diary, that means I must leave you behind.” This quote tells me that, even though she was leaving it behind, she cares very much for her diary, not only as a keepsake, but as a friend.

  12. Anne’s diary plays a big role in her life. I say this because she wrote in it everyday, talking about what was going on day by day. This obviously shows that she enjoys her diary, because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t write as much as she did. Also, the diary played a big part in that it carried her legacy on. The diary let the world know what it was like to hide for years with hard conditions. I believe that without Anne’s diary, it would be a lot harder to understand how terrible the Holacaust really was.

  13. Kade Fleming on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a significant role in her daily life. The text states that the diary is one of the main reasons she wants to live another day. The text also states that Anne can express her feelings by writing them down in a diary because she has no one to express her feelings too. This shows that Anne’s diary meant so much to her during WWII.

  14. Hannah Garrett on said:

    Anne’s diary most definitely plays a significant role in her life. Her diary acts as a quite a few things, one of them being a friend. Anne was forced to leave her best friend Jopie to live in a secret annex with eight other people and no other children her age; with the exception of Peter, but Anne wasn’t particularly fond of him at the beginning of the story. Anne relied on the diary to fill it with her thoughts, feelings, and anything else she could think of. I suppose you could say it acted as an escape route from reality to a world she could truthfully claim as her own. I believe that is also why she read books and newspapers, to escape reality, and possibly boredom. A piece of evidence that indicates my opinion is correct would be that Anne was found almost always reading, studying, or writing in her diary. In conclusion, Anne used her diary to its fullest extent as to go into her own world and most importantly, stay sane by writing.

  15. Mallory Barron on said:

    The diary does play a big role in Anne’s life. Anne was able to write down her thoughts and feelings for each day. She could reflect on her writings when she had bad days. Her writings probably also encouraged the others in her household, when they were struggling. Remembering the both the good and bad memories. Anne, also used her writings to tell a story. The story of a young girl who never gave up, and held onto hope. Her writings have impacted many people including myself.

  16. Macy Cato on said:

    The diary Anne was given by her father plays a big role in her life. Anne longed to have a friend, someone to talk to. She wanted someone other that a family member. Her diary was like the best friend she didn’t have. Anne used her diary to change the world. Although she did not know that that was going to end up happening. It kept all of her favorite memories, and what the date was! Anne shared all the memories the good and the bad. All the fights, to when they there cake on new years! She wrote in her Diary like she was writing a book, or telling us a story. She loved to write and she put that in there too. I don’t know what Anne would have done without her diary. I feel like that played a main role in her life in the Annex. I feel like Anne thought that was really, her only friend.

  17. Mattie Toone on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a huge role in her life because it is a replacement for the many things she is missing out on, it also helps her keep track of the dates/months, and one of her only things she can turn to tell her truly deep thoughts to. She keeps the diary close and up to date because it is almost like a new best friend for her. Plus, it gives her something to do since she cannot leave the annex. Keeping track of the dates is important because she might want to tell others, if she were to get out of hiding, how long she hid, and what she did on what days. Even though she was close with Peter, she may not want to tell Peter girly things, like her having a crush on Peter.

  18. Ryan Lockard on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a huge role in her life because it gives her a place to talk about her inner most thoughts. It helps her to try to not think about all the things she is missing out on. The diary is the only place she can keep her secrets away from the other 8 people of the Secret Annex. I am glad she got this diary for her birthday because without it I would never have been able to fully understand the courage it took for these people to hide from the Nazis.

  19. Sydney Stippler on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a significant role in her life in many ways. The diary is there for Anne when she needs someone to talk to. During the story, Anne feels like she cannot discuss things with her mother because they are so different. Plus, he father does not allow Anne to talk about her mom to him, so she can jot that down in her diary. I do not keep a diary, but if I did, I would write down all my personal feelings that I didn’t want to share with others down in it, which I am sure Anne did too. The diary also takes the place of a friend. The only other friend Anne has to hang out with is Peter, which she doesn’t get along with (at the beginning). I think the diary really helped Anne throughout her time hiding in the secret annex.

  20. Lindsay on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a huge role in Anne’s life. The diary took the place of a best friend. Whenever she wanted to get something off her chest or to talk about her day, she wrote it down. The only other person she could really talk to was Peter, and at first they did not get along very well. She was able to, through her diary, express her feelings about going into hiding. The diary was also special to her because her dad gave it to her for her birthday. If he had not given it to her, none of us would have been able to read about the times Anne had in the Annex. I believe that her diary helped her through these difficult times.

  21. Jessi Peistrup on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a substantial role in her life. The diary is the only place Anne can really say what she wants. Since she has no one to talk to, Anne uses the diary as a substitute best friend. In the text, she doesn’t get along with the people she is in hiding with a lot of the time, so she doesn’t have anyone to express her feelings to. Even though she does get along with her father, he doesn’t want Anne to talk bad about her mother. This shows that Anne’s diary played a huge role in her life, because it was the only place she felt free to say anything.

  22. Taylor Cates on said:

    The diary place a extremely important role in Anne’s life because everything that she has lived through during the Holocaust is in that one small, little book. It is a piece of her life that can never be replaced. It is also the only thing in the Annex that she can be herself and say what she wants. No one could take that away from her, not even the officers. That is Anne’s diary was, so important in her life.

  23. Emily Gulledge on said:

    Anne’s diary plays an important role in her life. It acts almost like a best friend to her so she can vent and get her problems off her shoulder because she doesn’t really have anyone to talk to about them in such a tight space. In the text, Anne wrote about her problems she was having with all the grownups along with Margot and Peter because no one was agreeing with her and they were telling her that she should act more grown-up. Since she couldn’t really talk about it with anyone else because she was afraid they would just tell her again, she decided to vent about it in her diary. In the text, she is usually writing in her diary or doing a school subject in the time that they have to be quiet, so she did write in it often just because there was so much changing in her life and outside the annex. This shows that Anne’s diary acted like a best friend to her while stuck in a tight space with seven other people.

  24. Johnny Parker on said:

    Anne’s diary to me plays a big role in her life. In the story, everyday she wrote in the diary. She said it helped her escape from her day. I believe that she could just zone out of everything when she wrote.

  25. Chris Laszlo on said:

    The diary played a very important role in Anne Frank’s life. In the Secret Annex, Anne had nobody to talk to. She had nobody to tell her real feelings and thoughts about life to. Anne was going through a very important period of her life when she was locked away in the Annex. At this point, she hasn’t straightened out all of her feelings and she was very unstable. The diary played the role of a friend to Anne. I think that when she wrote in her diary, this gave her an escape out of real life. This is the role that Anne’s diary played in her life.

  26. cburkdoll2020 on said:

    The diary obviously serves as a place for Anne to write down her feelings. She can put anything she wants in there, and decide if she wants people to know about it or not. She puts down her feelings about not just the people in the tiny annex, but the news about the rest of the world and what she thinks about it. She is all alone in the annex (as in people she can talk to) until she finds Peter, and even after then, she still writes down what she feels, but now she can talk to Peter about her problems.

  27. Aryanna Fellows on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a very important part in her life. Since Anne and her family are in hiding, she really has no one to talk to or share her secrets with. I think the diary plays a best friend, that she can say anything to without being judged. I think that there are so many things going on in Anne’s mind about WWII that she must tell someone. Her diary is that someone. Although she talks to Peter, there are some things that she can’t tell him. I think that her diary plays an extremely important part in her life.

  28. Reid McIntire on said:

    I believe that the diary plays a very important role in her life because it acts as a best friend to her. In the text, Anne is an open book to her diary, and tells it everything that’s on her mind. In the text is also states that Anne wrote in her diary that she doesn’t know what she would do without it. This demonstrates that the diary plays an important role in Anne’s life.

  29. I believe that the diary plays a huge role in Anne’s life. The text states that Anne writes in her diary daily. She explains everything that is going on and how she feels during their years of hiding. The text also states that her diary is like her friend. She completely opens up to her book. This shows how big of an impact it makes on her life.

  30. Megan Centers on said:

    Anne’s diary plays a huge role in her life. According to the story, she was overjoyed when her dad gave it to her. There could be many reasons for this. Anne could have been glad to have something to put her feelings in. She also could have been thankful to receive a gift after all that had happened. The text also says that she would frequently write in it. Her diary is like her best friend. She tells it everything. Anne says that she would not know what to do without it. I think that it is great that Anne was able to write what she was feeling.

  31. Addison Horne on said:

    The role her diary plays in her life is that it lets us know what happened when she was in the annex. If it wasn’t for that we would have never knew what would have happened.

  32. Jonathan Woodward on said:

    The diary played a big role in Anne Frank’s life. The diary was like Anne’s best friend. She let all of her feelings out to it. Also she told everything that happened in it. The diary was what help her make it through the tough years in the Annex. It also what she wrote all her feelings in it. Anne Frank’s diary helped people later on discover what hiding felt like. It also helped them feel the real feelings that people felt in the holocaust.

  33. Andrew Myers on said:

    What role does the diary play in Anne’s life?

    The diary plays an extremely big roll in Anne’s life because it acts as her best friend while she is in hiding. The diary is a way for her to let her emotions out and have someone to talk to. Through out her life she can write what she hears, see’s, and thinks. She wrote just about everything in her diary. It’s a good think she wrote everything in it because it alowed us to know what life was like for her while in hiding.

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