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Preparing for Anne Frank

anne frankHere are your tasks for today:

  • Today is library day.  The substitute will take you QUIETLY to the library as a group for you to check out a book.  Remember the process: go in a find your book, sit quietly at the tables while everyone else finishes.  When she gives you the okay, then line up to check out your book.  Then line up to go back to class.  BE QUIET in the hallways! (Block 1 will go during the 2nd half of the period since the library doesn’t open until then.  Blocks 2 & 3 will go the first part of the period.)
  • Next, you and ONE other person (YES–ONE other person, not a small group) will complete the following:
    Anne Frank experienced World War II’s impact first hand. She could look out her window and see soldiers walking in the street. She was forced from her home by the Nazis because of her race. Anne Frank needed to know about the events leading up to the war in order to understand what was happening to her and why the Holocaust took place.Task One:
    As your first task, you and a partner will be required to research the events which led to World War II.  You will need to discover the countries, people, and historical events involved in World War II.  Create a Timeline of your findings. (ONLINE, preferably. You are smart enough to figure out a good website to use!)You may use any references, but here are some helpful links for this task:

  • Many different diseases caused turmoil and despair amongst the Jewish race. Many diseases plagued them while they were in the concentration camps, because they were in constant contact with each other. They also had little sanitation and medical assistance.Task Two:
    Anne Frank died of a disease that many people suffered from in the Holocaust.  Your next task will be to find the disease that claimed Anne Frank’s like and the following information about the disease:

    • The symptoms
    • The origin of the disease
    • What efforts were made to find the cure
    • The statistics of how many people died from the disease

    Create a factsheet of your findings. (Not sure what a factsheet is? Hhmmm, what would Mrs. Yates say to do? Oh yes–GOOGLE IT! Look at “factsheet images” or “factsheet examples”!!)

  • IF/WHEN you finish take some time to explore this website. (I hope it works on your netbooks.)  It is a visual tour of Anne Franks Annex-where her family was hiding.  It is a really incredible site that will narrate the various parts of the house.  Don’t just look at one room–go back and look at all the various parts.  Doing this will help you visualize the space when we begin reading this week.
  • If you don’t finish–I have a sneaking suspicion we are still short one novel and it won’t be in today either.  So, we should have more time tomorrow in class to finish whatever you don’t get accomplished.  However, this is not an excuse to slack off or not stay on task! Work hard and do your best!! I know you’ll do great! See you tomorrow!!
  • PS-If you haven’t done your 2-hour lockdown homework–be sure to complete it and blog about your experience before I return tomorrow!
  • PPS-If you have a question-I will be at my computer most of the day and should be able to answer your questions! If someone is acting out–please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will handle it! 🙂 (I’m sure this won’t happen!)

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