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Dec 18th

Since most of you didn’t get finished yesterday–today we will continue with yesterday’s assignment.

Read for 20 minutes first.  Yes, you must read–no netbooks, talking, or moving! (Stay in your seats–easier for our substitute)

Then, follow directions from yesterday’s blog to complete the peer editing.  If you get your paper back–really look at how to improve your writing for the final copy.  It is DUE TOMORROW! Please come ready with your final paper.  If you don’t have it tomorrow–you will be added to the Friday School list!! (Be sure you have a title and use 12pt sized font)

Since I will be with my son, I will not be checking my email very often.  Please BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR and make GOOD decisions.  You know the expectations and rules!

Any name left with receive after school detention!!

If you somehow manage to finish everything–you may read your free reading book the remainder of the period! I have a feeling–if done correctly -there is no way that you will finish with much time remaining! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Dec 18th

  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    Do we put our name on our final copy of Narrative Essay?

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