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Monday, Monday

  • Read our books-(today is library day!)
  • Mrs. Yates will be meeting with students in order (from board) to conference about their personal narratives.
  • During conferences:
    • Volume level = .5 (No LOUDER!)
    • Ask 3 before me!
    • Don’t interrupt unless you are bleeding, puking, or dying!
    • Pay attention when your turn is close and be ready with your materials!
    • No line jumping!
  • While I’m conferencing–here are your plans:
    • Take your typed rough draft and copy the entire text
    • Create a Wordle or Tagxedo with your text
    • What words are repeated over and over? (Remember–they are the biggest words!) Do you need to fix something right from the start? Word choice is critical in writing! Make sure your word choice is strong! Weak, small words are NOT okay! Be strong!
    • Once you have tweaked your essay–we are ready to peer edit!
    • Look at this example peer edit paper.  They show you some typical responses written for peer editing.  You DON’T have to fill in the blocks–but mentally go over each one and thing about the directions.
    • sample_PR_comments
    • Then, look at this one.  It shows you some responses.  It shows ones that are too vague, mean, etc.
    • range_PR_comments
    • Now it is your turn.  You  must share your essay with at least 2 different people and have them proofread your essay.  (You can share it via Google Docs or simply by email.  You can choose)
    • While you are editing, you must fill out this paper. (Open it using Open Office) Then send your completed form back to the person whose paper you edited.  Please cc: me on the email when you share it so I can see your work today as well.
    • When you get your paper back–begin to make the changes that people suggested.  NO ONE has a perfect paper! There is always something else to fix.  Add imagery! Add more details! Stronger word choice!
    • Explode the moment! AWESOME stuff here! This is what I’d LOVE to see from you!
      • Watch Barry Lane’s video here to see what I’m talking about! Ignore what he looks like–but listen to what he is saying! (This is a YouTube link–so it might not work! I will add it again another way as well.) [I shared it with you in Google Docs--try that way too!] If we can’t get it to work here–try at home!

FINAL COPY is DUE on WEDNESDAY! I’d like them printed out–but if not–you must email it to me.  I want all copies by 8 am on Wednesday morning if emailed! PLAN AHEAD!


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  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    Can it be someone from another one of your classes?

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