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Finally, FRIDAY!

  • fridayToday we will read for 20 minutes
  • A little figurative language practice–
    • Click HERE
    • Then click HERE (You will need a scrap piece of paper for this one.  Just write your answers on the scrap and then check them upon completion with the answer key provided at the END.)
  • Continue to develop your body paragraphs for your personal narrative
  • Begin to work on your conclusion
  • ALL 5 PARAGRAPHS (in rough draft form) MUST BE FINISHED BY MONDAY and TYPED!  Be sure to save it somewhere other than just your computer’s hard drive in case it dies.  (Google Drive [You can still type it in Open Office and then just upload it to there.], Thumb/Flash drive, Dropbox, etc)

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One thought on “Finally, FRIDAY!

  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    Do we double space our typed narrative?

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