mrs. yates class

A peek inside our classroom everyday!

Almost Friday!

Here is today’s plan:

  • Read
  • During the rest of the period I will be testing you for your reading levels while you are working on the following. SILENTLY! (Yes, you may use headphones! No, you may not talk because it is distracting to those who are being tested!)
  • Work on Allusions (email me when completed)
      • Save them to your desktop.
      • Open the document
      • Highlight the entire page (text) (with your mouse)
      • Right click or CTRL C to copy it
      • Open up your email
      • Create a new message
      • Right click or CTRL V to paste text there
      • Answer the questions
      • Then hit send to send completed paper to me!
      • I tried this on my netbook and it worked great!! It will work!!
    • Allusions examples, practice
    • Practice for allusionsPDF
  • Begin to develop your body paragraphs for your personal narrative
    • Chronological order-ONLY
    • Show DON’T tell!!
    • Use imagery with your senses to paint a picture for your reader
    • Keep focused! (Don’t become random!)
    • Should have 3 body paragraphs (5 sentences minimum each)
    • If you get stuck–just start writing.  You can always change it later!
    • If you finish-go back and try to make it better.
      • Consider word choice, show vs tell, stronger sentences, combining sentences, adding more detail
      • Did you include some dialogue? NO? Add it now!
    • Resources for writing strong body paragraphs:

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