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Wacky Wednesday

Here is the plan for the day:

Screenshot 12:11:12 10:45 AM

  • Show v Tell-go over yesterday’s writing to see if we were telling or showing!
  • Did you check out this tutorial yet?
  • Finally, today we need to begin writing our opening paragraph.  This is the attention getter-so you MUST really hook your reader and drag them in!
    • This PowerPoint is GREAT! It shows you how to develop your first paragraph-step by step.  PLEASE follow this example! (Remembering to SHOW us NOT  TELL us! AND to use lots of descriptive language to paint us the picture! (Your SENSES!)
    • This is another great PPT that will help you in your writing! Read FIRST before writing!
    • Here is ONE MORE piece that might help you get your thoughts organized!

WRAP UP: For tomorrow–You must have your INTRO PARAGRAPH completed.  Don’t tell us ANYTHING! SHOW US EVERYTHING!

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One thought on “Wacky Wednesday

  1. I am still confused on the Timeline because I don’t know the actual date and time this stuff happened….can you help me in class? Other than that I have my 5 senses chart completed and that paragraph completed too.

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