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Terrific Tuesday

treeToday it was easier for me to put your resources on here as well! Please do NOT work ahead! At times this week while you are working-I’m going to be pulling you out one at a time to assess your reading levels.  Please be respectful of your classmate during this time.

  • Read
  • Look at Acuity Growth Scores.
    • Set goals for Acuity C
  • Show v Tell
  • Decide which of the 3-5 brainstorms you’d like to develop
  • Make 5 senses foldable.  (see my example) Fill in each with details from the event.
  • Create timeline of event.  Fill in AS MANY DETAILS as you can.  You don’t have to use them all–but better to have too many than not enough!
    Online timelines: (or you can kill some trees and do it on paper!)

  • Finally, go to THIS WEBSITE for a walk through of narrative writing.  Remember, we are using the personal narrative setup. There are LOTS of great tutorials and explanation!

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8 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

  1. Cole Zenthofer on said:

    I do not exactly understand the assignment for tonight. What do we write about over the Show v Tell thing, and what do we write about over the timeline? Please can you help me? thanks, Cole

    • You write about everything your senses would feel when describing the event for your narrative. Then, on the timeline-plot all the events of that day/moment in chronological order.

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  2. Mallory Barron on said:

    What was your example for the senses?

  3. Cole Zenthofer on said:

    Sorry, I forgot to ask you about the pink paper to. I forgot what to do on that. Please tell me so that i can complete it. Thanks, Cole

  4. Mallory Barron on said:

    If we did the Time Toast timeline do you want us to publish it?

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