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Friday (in my absence)

Start the class by taking an Acuity Practice “Study” test.

When you finish, work on your packets while you wait for other students to finish.

When the class is ready, you will finish listening to the conclusion of Flowers for Algernon.

I would like for you to complete the writing exercise on page 64 at the bottom.  This will help you understand author’s point of view better.

You have the remainder of the period to complete your 2 packets.

Packets and writing due on Monday at beginning of class.

Remember, you can always email me with questions, concerns, or to rat out your neighbor when they don’t follow directions! 😉


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4 thoughts on “Friday (in my absence)

  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    Does 5th and 6th period have to do the writing exercise on pg. 64?

  2. Mallory Barron on said:

    Do we do the backside of the venn diagram page?

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