mrs. yates class

A peek inside our classroom everyday!

Thursday (in my absence)

Begin today by reading Flowers for Algernon take 3. (approx 20 minutes of story)

When finished with the selection, Mrs. Kuester will have 2 papers for you.  One on connotation and denotation of words and one on jargon.

Here is the website you will need to complete the Jargon worksheet.

Here is a practice quiz if you’d like a little more help with connotation and denotation of words.

Work on them BY YOURSELF! If you need more explanation on either one–what should you do? LOOK IT UP!

Only talk if you have a question and you are asking a neighbor for clarification. You may have headphones on as you work.

When the above 2 sheets are completed, turn them in and then continue on the 2 packets for our story.

Remember, you can always email me with questions, concerns, or to rat out your neighbor when they don’t follow directions! 😉


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