mrs. yates class

A peek inside our classroom everyday!

Wednesday (in my absence)

  • Try this typing test. Charlie will take one today and let’s see how you compare!
  • Mrs. Kuester will have a Punctuation Practice sheet that comes directly from the Flowers for Algernon text.  Please do your best.  She will go over the answers with you after a small amount of work time.
  • When you are waiting for others to finish, take a moment to download this PDF file on Figurative Language. figurativelanguage  READ IT  and then add it to your RL folder.  [Block 3-upload it to Google Drive–or if you don’t know how–add it to a folder on your desktop for this class for now.]
  • Here is another website to bookmark and explore for extra help with Figurative Language in case you need a review.
  • You will then pick up where we left off yesterday with Flowers for Algernon. You will listen for approx 20 minutes.
  • When finished, you have the rest of the time to work on your two packets.  The packet I handed to you in class with graphic organizers and the one from yesterday’s blog post on specific story elements.

If time permits-and it seems you don’t have enough to do, you may take some Acuity practice tests.  We will be taking Acuity 2.0 after Thanksgiving.

Bring your free reading book tomorrow and the rest of the week!! Library Day on Monday!

Remember, you can always email me with questions, concerns, or to rat out your neighbor when they don’t follow directions! 😉


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