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Theme Park Turn In Directions

Here is the form for you to turn in your project.  PLEASE read the directions CAREFULLY.  It is explained Step by Step in each question.  If you need a tutorial on how to get a link from Google Docs–please continue reading the tutorial below.

Theme Park Turn In
(IF you have tried multiple times and tried to problem solve your issues and you still can’t get it to work–then just email me your document! Don’t panic!)

**I also want to see your packet on Monday.  Please be sure you have your completed packet with you on Monday.)

If I need to print off your brochure for you–I MUST have it BEFORE 7:30 am on MONDAY so I can print them out before school.
(Websites do NOT need to be printed.)

Here is the rubric I will use to grade your presentation and brochure/website.  Theme Park Rubric

Tutorial for getting link in Google:

    When Doc is uploaded. . .


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