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Update for the week

My sweet children made it to today’s agenda board!

Very basic overview of topics of discussion for Monday’s present

Today we took some time to review some skills.  Students used the practice from the previous post to identify where the missing commas belonged.  Then, we went over 5 different paragraphs and discussed the best topic sentences for each from a list of choices.

Next, we had a lengthy discussion about the Theme Park presentations that will begin on Monday.  Tomorrow we will draw for speaker order, so we will be ready to fly through the transitions on Monday.  The biggest piece to remember is that the presentations should FOCUS on the persuasion and propaganda aspect — while describing the theme park that was created.  Also, students need to be sure to have a clear beginning, middle, and end to their presentation.  We want to see that students practiced their presentations before that moment where they are presenting and have notes to help guide their speech.  Students should also be sure to utilize their visual aid to enhance their speech–not just put it up and then forget about it!

We will take some time tomorrow to reflect on the project as a whole and tie up any loose ends.


Failure to turn it in will result in Friday school.

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One thought on “Update for the week

  1. When do we send it to you because I won’t have internet after 7 a.m. for the whole weekend because I’m going to be out of town and I won’t be at school tomorrow so can you please send me an email soon or in the morning on what I need to do?

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