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The plan for the day. . .

Good morning!

Today, I am once again away from you.  However, instead of at a meeting–I am playing the mommy role today.  That said, I will still have moments where I can check my email-but it will not be immediate and I can’t promise how often that might occur.  Please try to PROBLEM SOLVE on your own today!

As always–remember the behavior expectations today.  Stay focused, on task, and do your best.  Stay in right seats today to make it easier for the sub as well.  Remember our discussion yesterday about looking like cows with your gum! Since this is a trial basis–let’s do our best and chew respectfully!






Today, the blog post that we talked about last week goes LIVE today for the world to see.  Please check this link to see if you recognize any of your comments! (It will be under Day 2) Again,  THANK YOU for all of you comments and thoughts! I was UBER impressed with your comments and have planned some changes based upon your recommendations and comments.


Today’s plan:

  1. First, you will need to take your 2nd Formative Assessment.  Remember this is a PRE-TEST–so there will be time to change your proficiency score.  This will look more at making inferences. (Remember all the passages we worked on a couple weeks ago?)
  2. While you wait for your classmates to finish, please read silently in your free reading book.
  3. IF/When the class finishes–you can take your break.
  4. Then-we need to begin editing your theme park.  First–let me clarify a few things (again) 😉
    • Your rough draft of your brochure/website is just that–a rough draft.  If this was an essay–your rough draft would still need to be finished.  At least all the pieces. You still have to have ALL the pieces finished–or you can’t move on to the next piece of the writing process.
    • You should have included MOST of the information that you wrote from your prewriting on pages 3-5 of your packet.  If you don’t have a lot of persuasion words/information–ADD IT! TODAY!
    • Do you have different fonts? Formats? Do you have pictures that ENHANCE your theme park idea? If you created a brochure–when printed will you have a front and back? (2 pages) Will it fold to look like a brochure? If you have a website–do you have all the pieces included? Is it easy to navigate?
    • Check your writing.  Do you have everything spelled correctly? Did you use good word choice? Alliteration? Adjectives? Would you want to travel to your website?
    • CHOOSE  10 things to improve on your rough draft.  Make a list somewhere on your packet of the 10 items that you changed.  Don’t just change it to change it.  Change it to make it better.  Use a critical eye.  What would your audience say? IF all else fails–think–What would Mrs. Yates say????????????

Good luck!! Stay focused.  Tomorrow we will do some more editing and reflection.  

ONCE again–PLEASE BE GOOD TODAY!!! See you tomorrow!!!


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One thought on “The plan for the day. . .

  1. Your blog was really good and I saw a few of my comments up there.

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