mrs. yates class

A peek inside our classroom everyday!

Changes are happening

Well–big changes! Can any of you see what was added?  I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your responses to the blog questions I posed today in your email.  Some of you had such kind words for the blog! Many of you told me how this has made your life so much easier! Woo Hoo! That made me so excited! Also, many of you had some great suggestions! So, I hear you and working on them.  I think I found a way to add a page to this blog that would allow me to keep the online binder requirements updated.  Right now–on the right hand side of this page–you should see a “pages” link that says about.  Soon–I hope to change that to your binder page.  I also found a way for you to see the most recent comments made and different ways to subscribe to the blog so you can see the updates easier.  If you are not getting daily email updates when I post–come see me and let me check your settings. Keep checking! And, most importantly, keep giving me your great ideas! I can’t do them if you don’t tell me!


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