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Task Master

Since I will be upstairs in a meeting once again today–here is the plan of attack!

ONCE AGAIN–let me remind you that the expectation is to be quiet, on task, and perfect little angels! 😉 I will be in the large group instruction room upstairs–across from Mrs. Jones.  If a major crisis or issue arises–please let me know.  I will also be able to check my email throughout the day. Please stay in your assigned seats today.  No sitting on floor or moving around the room! Makes life a little easier for the people helping me out today!  These teachers are all doing me a HUGE favor by covering–so please show them the respect they deserve!

  1. Finish brainstorming.  A brainstorm is the good, bad, and the ugly.  There are no bad ideas or too many.  Just get it all out and you can always edit it down at a later date.
  2. Idea for the web
  3. Read through this powerpoint on Bias.  If you are still unsure or need more explanation–you know what to do–Google it! 😉bias-in-the-news
  4. Then, work through the next step in the writing process-PREWRITING.  This is when you start to formulate your brainstorm into more concrete/structured ideas.  I would like for you to answer the questions on pages 3-5 in your packet.  Complete sentences! Detailed and descriptive sentences.  Be thorough in your approach!
  5. If/when you finish that–look back at the propaganda techniques we discussed yesterday.  (The chart that you downloaded from the previous blog.)  Which techniques are you going to use in your brochure?  Start to make a list of the techniques you are going to add and figure out how you can BEST incorporate them into your project.  Remember–this is about your ability to persuade your audience–not about how awesome your park is.  Keep in mind the big picture!
  6. Remember–you can always go look at my website for more ideas and inspiration! (Scroll to bottom)
  7. If you somehow manage to accomplish all of this–then you may read silently for the rest of the period!

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One thought on “Task Master

  1. When is our final project due?

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