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In my absence. . .

Once again I am downtown for a meeting.  PLEASE be on your best behavior today for the substitute!

Here are the things I need you to accomplish in my absence:

  • Watch the clock.  Spend 10-15 minutes doing some free reading today.
  • Here is the inferencing PowerPoint we have been working through in class.  Please go to the end and read through the part on inferencing with mood. Making Inferences practice
  • I would like for you to practice with inferences one more time.  Please use this Inference Practice to complete the final inferencing task.  You will need to input your answers here. (should open a Google form)
  • I would like you to open this PowerPoint and read through all the slides.  Take your time and be sure you understand, before moving on.  Whose Voice Guides Your Choice-propaganda
  • Download this handout on propaganda techniques to add to your binder.  (Section RI) propaganda techniques
  • Then, watch these commercials. Please note that the video with the 25 most popular Super Bowl commercials contains 3 that have references to alcoholic beverages.  YOU  MUST FAST FORWARD THOSE COMMERCIALS. Please be HONEST and use INTEGRITY during this.  I am not there to do it for you, but trust that you are old enough to do that! As you watch the commercials–on a sheet of paper–write down product from commercial (remembering to omit ANYTHING related to alcohol!) then beside it–write down what propaganda technique was used.
  • IF you finish all the above with time leftover (which should NOT happen if you are doing your best)–you may watch the movie version of The Monkey’s Paw that is on Oct 18th post.

PLEASE be good today!!!! Email me with any questions or comments and I’ll do my best to respond when available! 


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4 thoughts on “In my absence. . .

  1. Schuyler Hinton on said:

    Is there any way to open the power point documents through google docs or something, my open office is broken or something so it never opens

  2. Mallory Barron on said:

    Does Block 3 do all of them?

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