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Catch up

It seems this flu bug has kept me away from blogging! So sorry about the delay in posting! I’ll try to catch up with today’s post.


  • Scholastic book orders are due TOMORROW! Activation code: L7L3T
  • 8th grade ELA teachers need workers for the Book Fair during the week of Oct 29-31.  If you are available to work either 7:30-11 am or 10:30-2:30 pm-please email me right away with the time(s) you are available.
  • Grades have been updated in the computer.  With the students working on their next formative assessment (pre-test) today, I was finally able to add many grades to the grade book.  The grading period ends this week, so we will be off to a fresh start next Monday.

Class time:

  • Yesterday, we starting practicing with making inferences.  We read some sections on the board and made inferences together as a class.
  • We were also able to take our first class field trip to the library.  Students are able to check out 2 books at a time and renew them as often as needed.  We make our journey every other Monday for the rest of the year.  Students are now expected to have a free reading book with them in class at all times.
  • Finally, we talked about how to remember commas the best.  Since me providing notes and practice will only stay in their brains for a short time–I decided to make the students the teachers.  They are to follow these instructions to complete a comma review.Comma Review  They must show examples and good notes for each of the rules provided.  I also gave them this sample to look at for inspiration. Basic Comma Help
  • Today we took a formative assessment over RI 8.5, RI 8.2, & RL 8.2.

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One thought on “Catch up

  1. Thank you for putting up the Comma Review paper. I accidentally left it at school.

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