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In my absence

Good morning,

It seems like I can’t shake the flu bug–so I am home sick once again!  I have plenty of things for you to do today–so we won’t lose any class time in my absence.

  1. I left you some notes on the flipchart paper.  One sheet on purpose and one sheet on audience. Copy them into your notes. (Blocks 1 & 2 digitally and Block 3 on paper)
  2. If you brought in magazines, newspapers, or junk mail–add it to the pile next to the computer by the window.  Since I’m not there–we will do this project tomorrow.  Still time to bring in supplies.
  3. If you were able to bring in some kleenex–put your name on the bottom and stack them in the windowsill for us. (THANK YOU!)
  4. We need to practice some with the comma notes you took in class yesterday.  Here is the paper I want you to use.  If you can’t figure out how to make it work on the computer–the sub will have a few extra copies.  Only 10 extras per class–so PLEASE try and do it on your netbooks.  Follow the directions and see if you can draw/type in the commas using ActivInspire or something similar.  If you can get it to work–share how with your neighbor!  Comma in series and added elements practice
  5. Next we need to look at Main Idea and Topic Sentences.  We also need to read more about audience and purpose.  I have put together  some handouts that I think will be beneficial to you.  Sadly, they scanned in sideways–but you should be able to rotate the view in your edit/view toolbar.  If not–turn your computer sideways! (adapt!) 😉 Read through these handouts and follow the directions for practice at the end.  Type your answers in a Google doc–being sure to label which packet your are doing and which page your answers are coming from.Identifying main idea and theme  +  author’s point of view and purpose + topic sentences  [main idea (Block 3 ONLY–should be in paper form)]
  6. When you finish these packets–I want you to do some research on Edgar Allen Poe.  Who was he? Why did he write? What motivated him as a writer? Themes in his writing? etc. (Don’t let this list limit you.)  Find some websites.  Highlight the interesting parts. SHARE IN DIIGO group! Don’t just find the first thing you come to.  DIG DEEP! Really take some time to find something unique.  If someone else has shared it–DON’T COPY THEM! Everyone needs to submit at least 1 website with highlights/notes.

If you don’t finish–yes, it is homework! USE YOUR TIME WISELY! Have a great day! Keep up the good work! Headphones are fine while you work today! Do your best and show Husky Pride! Hopefully, I will see you tomorrow!!!


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One thought on “In my absence

  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    For the packets do we do the questions or just read about it? Also for the main topic worksheet do we do both sides?

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