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The Strange and Mysterious

So, it is now October. A new unit is upon us.

We read (listened to) the first 10 pages of The Adventures of the Speckled Band today. (Here is a downloadable copy:Adventure of Speckled Band text)  The students were also given the following questions to work through on their own time to help with understanding the text. (the adventures of the speckled band questions)

We then took notes on Character and Characterization.

We then created a paper simliar to this one in our notes.  We looked at Sherlock Holmes and Helen and took note of their character traits.

We also had a quick discussion on setting.  What it is and why it is important.

Finally, we switched gears and looked at Language for a bit. Today we discussed simple and compound sentences.  We didn’t get much further than taking a few notes for our binders.


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2 thoughts on “The Strange and Mysterious

  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    For 5th and 6th period do we do all the questions for homework?

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