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Summative Assessment

Today we took the Summative Assessment on text structure and media. I gave the students all the time they needed to complete the assessment and did not impose any time restraints.  Hopefully students will really improve their scores and we will see lots of growth since we took the formative assessment many weeks ago.

When students finished, they had a few items to complete while they waited for their classmates.  Blocks 1 & 2 needed to turn in their Google Vacation Planning Sheet.  (Block 2–since the bell rang and I missed you-either email it to me over the weekend or hand it to me when you walk in on Monday.)

They also needed to be sure their couplets were complete.  Students were then asked to complete a “rhythm” using  Students have the option to record their favorite rhythm so they can use it as the background for reading their couplets.  Students can use any form of screencapture to record their Incredibox rhythm in the background as their read their couplets aloud.  Students need to UPLOAD their completed Couplet Rap by Sunday evening TO GOOGLE DOCS/DRIVE IN THE BLOCK __ FOLDER. (title = Rap + their name)   We will be watching/listening to them in class starting on Monday.

Here is an example of a rhythm created by one of my students.  He even taught his class some of his tricks!


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One thought on “Summative Assessment

  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    Did you get my e-mail with my Incredibox attached to it?

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