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Redo and Review

We started today with students being given the chance to redo some of their scores from the Parts of Speech exit ticket.  The highest grade will be kept as their proficiency score. I emailed an interactive Text Structure practice to all the students.  This will help them review text structure again before tomorrow’s summative assessment.

Students found their couplets after the break. They had to be sure that 4 more couplets were added to their original.  Then–they had to check to be sure that the couplets that were added were correct-having the same rhyme scheme and meter.  If any didn’t make sense–they needed to edit their paper.  Students were then asked to play around with .  Tomorrow students will take their couplets and read them to a beat they have created on Incredibox.  It should be a really fun activity.

Google vacation searches will be due tomorrow as well.

Monday, we start Unit 2! Can you believe we all survived Unit 1! Great job!


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2 thoughts on “Redo and Review

  1. Mallory Barron on said:

    For 5th and 6th period do we do the Google vacation searches???

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