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A peek inside our classroom everyday!

Discussion Time!

Today we practiced with text structures once again.  With the Summative Assessment looming around the corner, we are trying to practice and review a few more times before the actual test arrives.  Students were able to check the blog for a link to a Google Form.  Once they entered their grades, I can run a script that allows me to grade it instantly and then send all the students their graded responses in addition to the answer key.  They are able to review at their own speed and look back at the questions again.

We then moved on to evaluating their ability to follow the rules of discussion.   Here was the prompt:


The students had some interesting ideas about what would drive a successful school.  They also demonstrated, for the most part, great small group discussion skills. 😉

Finally, any student who did not achieve a 3 or 3+ on last week’s exit ticket will have the chance to retake the test tomorrow over the sections they wish to improve in.  We will do that at the beginning of class.

It will be in the best interest to have headphones tomorrow!



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